White Knight Creator Teases a 'Secret Batman Project'


Writer/artist Sean Gordon Murphy has comic book fans looking to the future as he's now teasing a super-secret Batman project in the works.

The creator behind Batman: White Knight, Murphy brings a more realistic world of Gotham City to life across the miniseries' eight-issue run. Set outside the main DC continuity, White Knight has flipped the roles to make a reformed Joker (Jack Napier) the hero of the piece to bring down Batman through the justice system. Batman: White Knight comes to an end in May, but Murphy hints that this may not be the end of the road for the story.

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Posting on his Twitter, Murphy shared a sketch above the caption, "secret BATMAN project."

Murphy is known for sharing spoilerific content on his Twitter — having previously spoiled the wedding of Joker and Harley — but his latest post is a little more cryptic.

It didn't take fans long to happily jump on the bandwagon that Murphy was confirming Batman: White Knight Vol 2, while others looked elsewhere for their inspiration. Murphy is a known artist for his work making it into DC Collectibles' Batman Black And White line of statues, so could the sketch be teasing a sculpture rather than another White Knight comic?

Batman: White Knight is just the start of an extended Murphyverse, with the writer/artist already confirming he is happy to keep writing for DC. The finale cover of White Knight has already started speculation of a "new" Joker, so who knows how the story ends?

Either way, it doesn't sound like the acclaimed creative is ready to reveal his plans to the world just yet. However, with Batman: White Knight #8 hitting shelves on May 9, readers don't have long to wait to see how/if Murphy puts the pieces in place for another trip to his twisted take on a crime-riddled Gotham.

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