Batman: White Knight Unveils a New Batmobile

Just because Sean Gordon Murphy's Batman: White Knight stars an evil version of the Caped Crusader doesn't mean he shouldn't terrorize Gotham City in style. Thus, it should come as little surprise that the writer/artist designed a new Batmobile for his upcoming series.

Murphy is known for his impressive work on vehicles in comic books, and his take on the Batmobile is no exception. In an interview with Nerdist, he opened up about his approach to drawing this mean bat-machine.

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“A lot of artists, when they draw cars, the tires and wheels aren’t quite correct and don’t touch the ground in the right way," he said, "which as a snob kinda bothered me." Of course, this snobbery means Murphy's vehicles won't be presented as a final product until he has perfected each and every design.

It's evident Murphy put a lot of time and thought into Batman's brand new set of wheels. "I brought some specific stuff, like from F-1 cars,” he explained. “I wanted my Batmobile to be a cross between a rock tumbler and a sports car, like you would see elements from a Ferrari and a Humvee. This is very different Batmobile. No matter what I threw at it, I wanted to keep classic elements. I wanted it to have the Keaton Batmobile [from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman] profile.”

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Murphy's obsessive nature with drawing vehicles has led to him being known as "The Car Guy" in the industry, with the creator explaining “nobody had really taken up that mantle in comics and eventually people started calling me ‘the Car Guy’ or ‘the Motorcycle Guy.’ That’s a thing I’m happy to run with.”

Batman: White Knight #1, by Sean Gordon Murphy, arrives in stores Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017.

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