Sean Murphy Is Fancasting His Batman: White Knight Movie, and It's Perfect


Writer/artist Sean Gordon Murphy reveals which actors he'd like to star in a hypothetical film adaptation of his DC Comics series Batman: White Knight -- and his choices are spot on.

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The conversation began on Twitter when a fan asked Murphy which actor he'd like to see play Bruce Wayne in a White Knight film. "Keaton!" he replied, referring to Michael Keaton, who starred in Tim Burton's Batman and its 1992 sequel Batman Returns. "Let him put on 40 pounds of muscle, HE CAN DO IT. And I think the fans would go nuts."

Written and illustrated by Murphy, Batman: White Knight takes place outside of main DC continuity, in a harsher, more realistic version of Gotham City where the Caped Crusader is reckless. Keaton's Batman, who was also brutal onscreen and very much a fan-favorite, would be right at home in such a film.

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The game only continued as more people joined the conversation, to see which actors could bring to life Murphy's Jack Napier, a cured Joker hellbent on turning Gotham against Batman, Classic Harley Quinn and the imposter Suicide Harley, who takes on the identity of Neo Joker in the comic series. Murphy envisions Margot Robbie as Neo Joker, which makes sense, considering she starred in Warner Bros.' Suicide Squad, Zach McGowan as Napier, and Elizabeth Banks as the classic version of Harley Quinn.

However, after his wife Katana Collins joined the fancasting game, Murphy had little choice but to change his pick for classic Harley to Kristen Bell.

How soon before Warner Bros. can make this happen?

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