Fan Builds Batman: White Knight's Batmobile... Out of LEGO

Batman White Knight Batmobile

Over the years, there have been many iconic Batmobile designs. From the Dark Knight Trilogy’s Tumbler to the Arkham video game series model and Tim Burton’s classic Batman ‘89 look, there are all sorts of Batmobiles fans can point to as their favorite.

The Batmobile design seen in Sean Murphy’s Batman: White Knight comic series can easily be added to that list, with a look that is both fierce and sleek, and all Batman at the same time.

One particular fan of the out-of-continuity limited series proved how iconic Murphy’s Batmobile design already is by building their own LEGO version of the car. The similitude is uncanny, to the point that the LEGO construct could fool us into believing it is an actual set sold by the toy company.

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All of the recognizable traits from White Knight’s Batmobile are there, from the elongated sections of the front wheels to the small but noticeable bat-wings. Clearly this fan put a lot of time and effort into accurately bringing this model of the Batmobile to life, and we only hope that LEGO gets wind of this so it can start selling sets just like this one — complete with our own little version of Murphy’s angry Batman.

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Batman: White Knight, written and illustrated by Sean Murphy, is available from DC Comics now.

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