Could Batman: White Knight's Harley Quinn Retcon Become DCU Canon?

WARNING: The following article contains minor spoilers Sean Gordon Murphy's Batman: White Knight #2

Switching up the Joker and Batman's roles as hero and villain is the cornerstone twist laid out in Sean Gordon Murphy's Batman: White Knight, but it hasn't been the new miniseries' only surprise. Issue #2 features the reveal that there are not one, but two Harley Quinns running around Gotham -- a newer imposter with obvious similarities to the New 52-inspired DCEU version played by Margot Robbie, and the original Harleen Quinzel straight out of The Animated Series.

A lot fans loved the meta-twist offered by Murphy, and a recent tweet from the author hints that it might not stay contained in his standalone Batman universe.

After a fan messaged him saying that he wished the "Old Harley and New Harley" would make it to DC's official canon, Murphy teased that the retcon is "a good bet" based on the story's positive reception so far. While far from a confirmation -- and just as likely just a joke -- it's an approach that would bring with it some obvious benefits.

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In some ways, two Harleys make a lot of sense for DC. The cinematic Quinn that debuted in Suicide Squad, based on the New 52 version of the character, received polarizing reactions from longtime fans. Establishing that essentially two versions live in the DC Universe -- one with the classic personality and look that most know, and a more modern take -- would allow the comic book company to have their cake and eat it, too, a situation that's best summarized by a certain, Internet-famous video...

Batman: White Knight #2, by Sean Gordon Murphy, is in stores now.

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