White Knight: Gordon Murphy Plans to Explore Jason Todd & Batman Beyond

Batman: White Knight creator Sean Gordon Murphy has revealed his ambitions for the future of the series by laying out plans for Jason Todd and his own take on the Batman Beyond universe.

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Speaking with DC Daily, Murphy shared insight into Volume 2 of the book, which will focus on a new threat, Azrael, while also indicating readers will be getting clues into what inspired Jack Napier's origin as Joker via Arkham Manor. He then revealed what he'd like to do with Jason Todd (the first Robin in his Murphyverse), who deserted Batman after Joker beat him mercilessly and spared his life.

"I would love to get to Jason Todd. One of the happy accidents of Volume 1 was I switched the order of the Robins so that Jason Todd was not killed, he just left," said Murphy. "I, sort of, wanted to touch on that. I'm not sure if I'm gonna fit that in Volume 2, maybe at the end. But if I ever get to do a third volume, maybe I'll tackle the Jason Todd thing."

However, Murphy said his plans weren't just set in the present, as he wants to link the mythos he created to the future Batman, Terry McGinnis. "I'd also like to eventually bridge the entire thing series into Batman Beyond. If you even look at how I designed my Batmobile, it's the same kinda shape of the Batman Beyond Batmobile," he added.

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"I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with it or how I'm gonna introduce Terry, but I have an idea that will explain why Gotham looks so gothic and Batman Beyond looks so futuristic, and how did this city change so fast. I think I have a way to explain that," he concluded.

Murphy announced the follow-up to Batman: White Knight in September, titled Batman: Curse of the White Knight. The sequel will be published in 2019 under the DC Black Label imprint, which is where Batman: White Knight found a home once the series came to an end.

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