Batman: White Knight Motion Comic Fan Trailer Is Stunning

An impressive trailer for a fan-made motion comic based on Batman: White Knight just got a seal of approval from creator Sean Gordon Murphy.

The trailer, posted on the YouTube channel of Patronic27 Productions, features shots of panels from the comic, as well as music and dialogue. The response on YouTube has been mostly positive and enthusiastic.

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Patrick Bonina, one of the people behind the project, shared it with Murphy on Twitter. "Wow this is EPIC. Can we just skip to the end where this becomes a movie?" Murphy responded. "Great voice acting! Sounds like you guys were all having fun!"

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This isn’t the only fan-made White Knight trailer to receive significant buzz. Last year, fan Chris Fequiere made an 8-bit trailer that he shared on Twitter.

Batman: White Knight takes a deep dive into the relationship between Batman and the Joker, flipping their dynamic on its head. The series introduces us to Jack Napier, a Joker now cured of his madness and determined to save Gotham City from Batman, who he sees as a threat. The sequel, Batman: Curse of the White Knight, is set to hit shelves this year under DC’s Black Label imprint.

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