Batman: White Knight Expanded to Eight Issues

DC Comics today announced that the Batman: White Knight run has been expanded from seven issues to eight. The series recounts the political rise of Jack Napier, the reformed Joker, in a world where support for vigilantes has dipped precipitously in Gotham City. The fourth issue of Batman: White Knight is due out in January.

Batman: White Knight has so far seen the former Joker become the political savior of the middle class, having created a team of revolutionary supervillains bent on revealing the corruption at Gotham’s heart. The series made waves a few days ago when it was announced that it would feature the first ever sex scene between the Joker and Harley Quinn.

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The fourth issue looks to further solidify the Joker’s political aspirations when he leads a campaign to become the councilman for the underrepresented Backport neighborhood. Meanwhile, Batman’s continued attempts to grapple with the Joker’s newfound identity creates even more problems for the city’s embattled political establishment.

batman white knight issue 4

Written and illustrated by Sean Murphy, Batman: White Knight #4 is due out in comic shops on Jan. 3, 2018.

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