Batman: White Knight #7 Variant Features a Fan-Favorite B:TAS Character

Sean Gordon Murphy, writer and artist of Batman: White Knight, has revealed a variant cover for Issue #7 that places a fan-favorite character created for Batman: The Animated Series in the spotlight: Renee Montoya.

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Gordon unveiled the cover on Instagram, and it depicts Montoya entering her Chevy Nova SS, which boasts and black and purple color scheme, as well as her name on it. She's seen alongside other members of the Gotham City Police Department -- Detective Harvey Bullock, and of course, Commissioner Jim Gordon -- all of whom formed a special task force known as the GTO to bring in the Batman after Joker convinced everyone he was out of control.

Murphy's alternate-universe version of Montoya sees her ditch her conservative image as a by-the-book detective, and instead pits her as one with a much more rebellious attitude, as signified by her backwards cap. Fans got a taste of this spunky Montoya as she was the one who slyly goaded Nightwing into stealing an analog Batmobile so as to stop the Dark Knight in a high-octane car chase in Issue #6.

Montoya was created for Batman: TAS in the early '90s and made her comics debut just before her episode aired. She has since appeared in numerous DC animated properties, video games and as of late, Fox's Gotham, played by Victoria Cartagena.

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Batman: White Knight #7 will be out April 4 and will focus on Batman's incarceration in Arkham Asylum after Joker (now a cured Jack Napier) brought him in, as well as Joker's battle with the Neo Joker (the second Harley Quinn known as Marian Drews).

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