Batman, Watchmen, Kick-Ass: November 12th Comic Reel


From the "that's weird" files, an article from Variety notes that the mayor of an oil-producing Turkish town has filed a lawsuit against Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. for royalties from mega-grosser "The Dark Knight."  Why?  The town in question is called Batman.  Seriously.  "There is only one Batman in the world," Mayor Huseyin Kalkan said. "The American producers used the name of our city without informing us."  Yes, the story addresses the fact that the character has been in circulation since 1939.  However, there hasn't been a single property to generate revenues bordering on one billion dollars, so ...  "We are only aware of this claim via press reports and have not seen any actual legal action," a Warner Bros. rep said in a statement.


CBR News has the new character-based posters in high definition for your viewing pleasure.


Creator Mark Millar did an hour long chat on the official  "Wanted" website to be featured on a special edition DVD, where he discusses his new film.


Kryptonsite has the title of this season's fourteenth episode on their spoilers page.  


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