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Dank Nights Metal: 15 Savagely Epic Iron Man Vs. Batman Memes

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Dank Nights Metal: 15 Savagely Epic Iron Man Vs. Batman Memes

Similar Marvel and DC Comics characters are often compared and pitted against each other. Hawkeye and Green Arrow, Flash and Quicksilver, Catwoman and Black Cat and so on. Batman and Iron Man are another such pair. And here’s why. After losing both his parents, Bruce Wayne inherited the family business Wayne Enterprises. Bruce grew up and became a playboy billionaire and superhero. Because he has no superpowers, he relies on his superior intellect, tech and money. Tony Stark’s story goes a lot like Bruce’s.

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Both Tony and Bruce have the looks, the smarts, the money and the ladies. Comparing their wealth, intellect and fighting skills has generated a number of memes. Over the years, fans have been speculating about what the outcome would be if these two were ever to face off in battle. Even Neil DeGrasse Tyson weighed in on the matter to settle the dispute, giving the advantage to Iron Man. However, since an actual battle between the two is highly unlikely, fans have taken it upon themselves to create hilarious memes depicting Batman and Iron Man’s battle of wits, money and strength. Today, we pit the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne against the billionaire playboy Tony Stark with these 15 Batman vs. Iron Man memes.


Iron Man Batman Captain America Chris Evans Robert Downey Jr. Christian Bale

The legendary Avengers scene of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark arguing and planting the seed for Civil War has been turned on its head way too many times. When an angry Steve Rogers goes after Tony Stark and tries to put him in his place by undermining his worth without the suit, Tony retorts swiftly. His cocky one-liner is probably one of the best burns in the MCU.

But if the Cap thinks that the suit of armor indeed makes a man, he’s got another thing coming. Whoever made this meme found a way to burn both Captain America and Iron Man at the same time. Bruce Wayne may not have any superpowers, but he won’t let anyone define his value based solely on his suit.


Iron Man Batman Thor Christian Bale Robert Downey Jr. Chris Hemsworth

The one thing Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark can agree on is that money is the best superpower. Or is it? While these two playboy billionaires believe their wealth gives them power, the God of Thunder doesn’t seem to share their opinion. The mighty Thor, who has an abundance of actual superpowers, looks at these mere mortals with pity.

In the spirit of the infamous “that’s cute” meme, Thor shows how he really feels about these boastful playboys. The Norse warrior god, Prince of Asgard and second most powerful Asgardian in the Nine Realms dismissed Bruce and Tony’s boastful statement without a second thought. Sorry to break it to you guys, but even if you had all the money in the world, you still wouldn’t be able to match a god.


Iron Man Batman Joker Killing

Gotham’s Caped Crusader has no problem with getting quite violent and beating the hell out of his opponents, but he does have his one rule — no killing. So, when Joker kills Bruce’s sweetheart, Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne lets him off the hook by sparing his life.

Iron Man, on the other hand, has no qualms about killing. Over the course of ten years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’s killed more people than we can even count. While Batman won’t kill the one who murdered the love of his life, Iron Man will end you for the most minor of infractions. Iron Man is essentially a killing machine. Once Tony Stark puts on the suit, no man, alien, or robot is safe.


Iron Man Batman v. Superman Robert Downey Jr. Ben Affleck

Once Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice came out, fans and non-fans alike took to the Internet to spoof the characters, the actors and the studio. A lot of the jokes and criticism were pointed towards Batman’s mech suit built for his fight against the Man of Steel. Anonymous comedians poked fun at Bruce Wayne for having to essentially become Iron Man to be able to stand his ground against Superman.

Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman, apparently doesn’t apply to the Dark Knight himself. At least that’s what this meme suggests. While we sincerely doubt that was the point Warner Bros. was trying to get across, the Internet has no mercy. But no matter how you choose to look at it, the Iron Bat is an imposing figure.


Iron Man Batman Origin Christian Bale Robert Downey Jr.

Apart from billion-dollar companies, great looks, dead parents and genius intellect, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark have another thing in common. Interestingly enough, these two rich boys both have a history with caves. In Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, Bruce fell into one when he was a child and was thrown into another after his emotional breakdown.

On the other hand, Tony Stark became Iron Man after he built his first suit in a cave. While it may have taken Bruce months to get over his personal issues and finally climb his way out of the prison pit, Tony used his time to build his first arc reactor and Iron Man suit from scratch in the middle of nowhere and subsequently shoot his way out of the cave.


Iron Man Batman Spider-Man

According to the Internet, Tony Stark’s official net worth stands at an impressive $12.4 billion, while Bruce Wayne’s net worth has been estimated at $9.2 billion. A close call, but the award for the richest billionaire playboy goes to Tony Stark. Still, as the meme suggests, both have quite enough to literally throw money away.

Poor Spidey, on the other hand, does not fair well in this competition. Still in his teenage years and without Parker Industries backing him up, Peter Parker is almost always broke. So, while the two rich boys were competing to see who has more money to throw around, Peter took the opportunity to collect some cash. He might wanna give Barry Allen a call, he could probably use some money too.


Iron Man Batman Robert Downey Jr. Son

Upon seeing this hilarious meme, you can’t help but wonder how angry Robert Downey Jr.’s son must have been to provoke his father like this. Superhero shirts and accessories are an essential part of any true comic book nerd’s wardrobe. Robert Downey Jr.’s son obviously happens to be a comic book fan, but he’s on the wrong side.

Et tu brute? Like a boss, Indio Downey sports a Batman shirt and Batman belt buckle while walking alongside his father, the Iron Man. It must hurt to have your own son side with the enemy. We wish we knew what Robert Downey Jr. had to say about his son’s bold move, although the disapproving look on his face already speaks volumes. Shame on you, young man.


Iron Man Batman If At First You Don't Succeed

That moment when you realize the same actor went against both Iron Man and Batman. In May 2008, actor Joshua Harto appeared in MCU’s first movie, Iron Man. Harto played one of the CAOC Analysts who tried to help Colonel Rhodes catch his best friend Tony Stark during a mission in Afghanistan. Later that year, Joshua Harto appeared in The Dark Knight as Coleman Reese, an employee at Wayne Enterprises, who accidentally discovered that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

Coleman offered to keep it a secret for ten million dollars a year, but then almost spilled the beans when Harvey Dent got arrested for being Batman. Joshua Harto must have been pretty frustrated after failing to catch Iron Man, seeing as he took it out on Batman. The moral of the meme is, if at first you don’t succeed, become a materialistic backstabbing weasel and try again.


Iron-Man-Batman-Sherlock-Christian-Bale-Robert-Downey-Jr 1

Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne have a lot in common. Both earn more money than they can spend in a lifetime. They are also superheroes with no real superpowers, relying heavily on their tech and gadgets. Batman is quite possibly the more skilled fighter, but Iron Man has a more powerful suit and could without a doubt hold his ground against the Caped Crusader.

But if there is one thing Batman is absolutely certain is his thing, it is superior detective skills. Bruce Wayne is often cited as the world’s greatest detective. Even Ra’s al Ghul has recognized his investigative capabilities and addresses him as “Detective”. But does this finally give him an edge over Iron Man? Well, not if Robert Downey Jr. has anything to say about it.


Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. Batman Ben Affleck Hulkbuster Supsbuster

Twenty-four feet tall, Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor is an imposing figure. The infamous Mark 44, aka the Hulkbuster, is an extra heavy-duty modular armor built by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner as a safety precaution in case the Hulk goes on an uncontrollable rampage and in Avengers: Age of Ultron, we got to see the Hulkbuster in action. However, as powerful as it was, Batman was not impressed.

In meme language, Bruce Wayne’s response to Iron Man’s Hulkbuster is: that’s cute. As it turns out, Tony Stark is not the only one with an armor specialized for overcoming freakishly strong opponents. In Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Bruce Wayne used his Mech Batsuit, a heavily armored version of his Standard Batsuit, to beat the Man of Steel.


Iron Man Batman Robert Downey Jr. Christian Bale

While Batman prefers his true identity to remain a secret, Iron Man obviously has no such inclination. After his first big act as Iron Man, Tony Stark reveals to the entire world that he in fact is the man in the iron suit. Naturally, the fans had a field day and memes of Tony Stark announcing to the world that he’s Iron Man swamped the Internet.

This hilarious meme takes advantage of Bruce Wayne’s famous quote from The Dark Knight Rises. During a conversation with Officer Blake, aka Robin, Bruce explains the reasoning behind the concept of wearing a mask, stating that the idea was to be a symbol, because Batman could be anybody. The clever fox, Tony Stark uses Batman’s own words against him and becomes Batman.


Iron Man Batman Robin

The Batman Slapping Robin meme, known also as My Parents Are Dead, is an exploitable single-panel comic book image that has inspired countless parodies featuring custom-made speech bubbles. The image of Batman slapping his sidekick Robin was taken from the 1965 comic book “World’s Finest #153.”

The Batman Slapping Robin meme spread like wildfire. Soon, the illustration of poor Robin getting slapped was being used to shut people up whenever they wouldn’t stop talking about something no one cares about. However, Tony Stark seems to have a problem with Batman slapping Robin all the time and has decided to take matters into his own hands. Five slaps from Iron Man as punishment for slapping Robin all these years seems about right. You should be ashamed Mr. Wayne.


Iron Man Batman The Mandarin Robert Downey Jr. Christian Bale

Apart from being very secretive about their true identities, most heroes have some kind of a secret hideout. Batman has the Batcave, Superman of course has the Fortress of Solitude, Spidey has Aunt May’s house, and… well you get the point. So, what the hell is the deal with Iron Man?

Tony Stark was not only too happy to announce he’s Iron Man on live TV, he also shared his home address with a known terrorist. However, what seemed like a bold movie at first turned out to be a huge mistake. After calling out The Mandarin on live TV and inviting him to his home, Tony Stark got a “surprise” visit and ended up homeless. Bruce Wayne agrees, not so smart for a genius, Mr. Stark.


Iron Man Batman Wayne Enterprises Star Industries

Looking at the grenade that is about to kill you and finding out that it literally has your name on, is not one of those rare moments in life when you can appreciate the irony. Tony Stark had to learn this the hard way. However, a clever fan thought of a fun way to mess with Tony even more. After a few Photoshop tricks it was no longer Stark Industries that was about to kill Tony but Wayne Enterprises.

A gloating Bruce Wayne has nothing else to do but flip Tony the bird, but he may have jumped the gun. Not only does Tony Stark survive the blast, it basically turns him into Iron Man. So, in a way, Bruce inadvertently created his own competition.


iron man batmeme

The number of memes using this particular Avengers scene is too damn high. That being said, most of them are indeed hilarious. One of the best things about Tony Stark is his uncanny ability to be nonchalant in any given situation. So, when Loki threatens him with an army, Tony has an answer prepared. But what if he was talking to Batman?

Which brings us to yet another overused but hilarious meme. The ageless classic, “I’m Batman”. Admit it, you read that in your best Batman voice. This well-known ultimate argument is being used in every occasion as a response to absolutely anything. So, what does Batman do when Iron Man threatens him with the Hulk? Nothing, because well… he’s Batman and that’s more than enough.

Do you have any any savage Batman vs. Iron Man memes? Let us know in the comments!

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