Who Would Win? Batman Vs. Iron Man


They're two of the comic book world's most expensive heroes. Not only are Batman and Iron Man billionaire superheroes in their respective fictional worlds, they bring in billions of dollars at the box office. But it's worth asking: just who does a better job? Who uses his wealth to fight crime in a better, or at least more entertaining, way? We sought the answer to that by breaking down aspects of their personalities that the two characters have in common, then awarding them points based on each. At the end, we tallied the points up and got the answer. It's a little something we called Batman Vs. Iron Man: A Battle of Billionaire Superheroes, and without further ado, here it is for your reading pleasure.

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10 Wealth: Iron Man

When you’re dealing with fictional rich people, odds are you’re never going to get an actual number as to how much they’re worth. They usually just have the money that the plot requires. However, there are some fans who try to get a rough guess. According to Forbes, Tony Stark has more money than Bruce Wayne, making him deserve the better “billionaire” of the “billionaire superhero” match-up.

9 Skill: Batman

Batman Warehouse Fight

Tony Stark’s superheroing started when he was an adult. However, Batman was training to become the vigilante he is since he was eight years old. For this reason, we believe that Batman ultimately has more superhero skills than Tony. Not only does Bruce have weapons and cash, he’s also one of the best martial artists in the world, frequently besting many masters of different styles. Tony and Bruce might be an interesting match in their suits, but man to man, Batman comes out on top.

8 Weapons: Iron Man

But of course, we’re not looking for kung-fu skills when we see an Iron Man movie. No, we’re looking for kickass robot suits andspace-agee weapons. And in this regard, Iron Man’s got the advantage over the Dark Knight. Don’t get us wrong, Batman’s gear is incredible.

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Heck, even his battle suits are pretty awesome, from his Superman-fighting armor in Batman v. Superman to his tactical gear in Justice League. But overall, we’ve got to give Iron Man this point. It’s in his name, after all.

7 Villains: Batman

Suicide Squad Movie Deadshot Harley Quinn Joker

Billionaire superheroes better be worth billion-dollar adventures. And that means they’d better have some impressive villains. To be fair, Iron Man’s got a pretty cool, underrated rogue’s gallery. From Whiplash to the Mandarin, they provide Tony with dangerous, exciting challenges. But none of them are the Joker. Frankly, none of them even measure up to Batman’s other villains, like Deadshot or Harley Quinn. Across the board, Batman’s villains are icons of comic book evil, which gives him the edge in this category.

6 Style: Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark

Real-world billionaires don’t always have the best style, but in comics, you can bet they are every inch the debonair philanthropists of our imaginations. Bruce Wayne has definitely got the rich guy look down, but to Tony Stark, looking rich is an art form. From casual wear to formal wear to what he wears in court, Tony exudes his fortune in the way he looks. Suits, whether they’re for taking on Thanos or charming a press corps, are just that guy’s specialty.

5 Sidekicks: Batman

We like to think of billionaire superheroes as being loners, but that’s just not the case. Neither Batman or Iron Man would be the characters they are without a bevy of willing helpers. And if we’re comparing those aids-de-camp, We have to say that Batman’s take the cake.

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From Nightwing to Batgirl to even Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne consistently picks the most interesting, most lovable co-crime-fighters. Don’t get us wrong, we love Pepper Potts and JARVIS. Just not as much as Alfred.

Then again, there are few things we love more than Alfred.

4 Intelligence: Iron Man

The Avengers Bruce Banner Tony Stark

Alright, let’s be very clear here. We are looking at the intelligence it takes to be a superhero in this category. If we were comparing deductive reasoning, this category would swing toward Batman immediately. But we’re talking about sci-fi genius, the kind you’d need to understand an Infinity Stone or build a super-suit out of junk. If we have Batman enough time, he could probably do that, to be fair. But as it stands now, Tony Stark’s got more of the comic book brains.

3 Instinct: Batman

We stand by the statement that Tony's more of a genius, but that doesn't mean he thinks as quickly as Bruce. In fact, Bruce Wayne has some of the best instincts in the superheroing business. Not only can he use this in a fight, but he can dissect a problem and come up with a strategy from the sidelines as well. It's why Batman has been one of the Justice League's top strategists for years. In fact, if a problem arises, Batman isn't just the first to come up with a solution. Odds are he's already got a plan in place for it.

2 Brand: Iron Man

iron man 3 suit

You might think we’re crazy here. Batman puts his symbol on everything, right? Doesn’t he slap the bat-label on every item he’s ever used? Yes, he absolutely does. But then, after it’s been designated property of the Dark Knight, he doesn’t let anyone else use it!

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Tony Stark, meanwhile, puts his name on just about anything he can and ships it to whoever will buy it (within reason, of course). Heck, he even makes sure that the Avengers base of operations is in Stark Tower. If that's not good marketing, we don't know what is.

1 Winner: Iron Man

Avengers Infinity War Iron Man

This match-up could've ended differently had we picked a different thing to judge. Maybe Batman's a better crimefighter, or a better detective. Or maybe he just writes better songs. But in a contest of who's the better billionaire superhero, we have to give it to the key to the MCU himself, Tony Stark. Still, that's just our opinion; what do you think? Did we judge these characters fairly in regards to the categories? Would you have used different ones? Let us know in the comments section below, and happy debating!

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