Batman Voice Actor Kevin Conroy Wants to Cameo in a DC Movie

Ahead of his appearance at Fan Expo Canada next month, legendary Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy spoke with CBR News about Michael Keaton, "The Killing Joke," "Justice League Action," and more Batman goodness, in addition to revealing that he'd love to cameo in a DC Comics-based movie.

Asked if he'd be interested in making an appearance in the current shared universe of DC Films, Conroy exclaimed, "Wouldn't that be cool? I'm amazed no one's thought of that! [That would be] so cool."

Conroy noted to CBR that, while he saw "Batman v Superman" -- for which you can read his reaction here -- he has yet to check out "Suicide Squad."

It probably wouldn't be too late to have him appear in "Justice League," which is still filming in London...

Check back with CBR next week for our full interview with the animation legend.

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