Batman Villains: 5 Costumes We Love (& 5 We Hate)

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The reason Bruce Wayne became Batman is because he wanted to help stop the evil and injustice in Gotham City. With the lives of himself and his children on the line to protect the people of his beloved city.

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From crazy clowns to a man literally made of clay, there is something weird always going on in the streets of Gotham. Superheros are not the only ones who like to dress up and put on a mask, though. Villains are usually dressed to the nines when they go out to wreak havoc. Some look cool and can scare their prey just by how they are dressed while others scare because of how bad they look. Here is Batman Villains: 5 Costumes We Love (& 5 We Hate).

10  Worst: Calculator

When the Calculator fist arrived on the criminal scene, he would try and battle different superheroes. His costume is able to calculate whether or not he can beat a hero, which he hardly ever does.

Who thought it was a good idea to have a calculator screen as a Mohawk? This costume is ridiculous. He has a keyboard as a chest piece. It does not matter if this can sum up a hero's attributes; he looks like an idiot wearing a calculator costume. The only way he could beat a hero is if they laughed to death.

9 Best: Dee Dee

Delia and Deidre Dennis show up in Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker. They are twin sisters and the grandchildren of Harley Quinn. With their parents being out of the picture, Harley raised Dee Dee as her own, and they grew up to be the Joker's acrobatic sidekicks, just like her.

These two girls look adorable. Their train conductor hats with the red bobbed haircuts look so cute. The face paint with big red cheeks gives a great clown vibe, the red tube top, white shorts, and red knee-high boots are also a cute outfit to try and kill Batman in.

8 Worst: Zodiac Master

Jerry Seinfeld (yes, this is his actual name) goes around trying to terrorize people as the Zodiac Master. He can pick up the images of his costume, and they can turn into weapons or distractions. He claims to able to predict future crimes, but he really just predicts his own and tells people about it.

This guy just looks weird. Between the teal costume with the helmet that almost goes past his shoulders, he looks like he is wearing PJs out in the town. It's almost as if he put the "Z" on his forehead so people would have something to remember him by, but his ridiculousness is quite enough.

7 Best: Scarecrow

Dr. Jonathan Crane takes his Scarecrow persona to a whole new level with this costume. Crane was a tough psychology professor with an obsession with fear. He is a villain who is not in it for glory or money, but to further his research with the toxins he creates.

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Scarecrow's costumes are also scary. He does not need fear toxin to make people want to run the other way when he shows up. This iteration is from the Arkham Asylum video game. He looks like a post-apocalyptic scarecrow in this costume.

6 Worst: Sewer King

The Sewer King is just an awful person. He kidnaps kids and makes them work in the sewer as his employees. He makes them clean, not talk, and go pickpocket people. If that's not bad enough, he also has pet alligators to scare the kids with.

He has all these kids doing his bidding, but he did not have anyone go find him a pair of glasses with both the frames? He looks like a guy who would call himself Sewer King. This outfit looks like he came from the 1800s and just never bought modern clothing.

5 Best: Red Hood

Jason Todd, or Red Hood, was the second Robin until he was killed by the Joker. He was brought back to life by Ra's Al Ghul and was never the same. He came back for vengeance on the man who killed him and the Bat who let it happen.

Jason Todd is just cool. The sleek red mask, leather jacket, and cargo pants just scream "cool motorcycle guy." He has been through so much as a character that he deserves to look like the coolest guy on the planet. It is so simple and casual looking that it totally works. Jason is here to get the job done with no theatrics.

4 Worst: The Riddler

Jim Carrey's Riddler can be seen in Batman Forever. Edward Nygma used to work at Wayne Enterprises but quit after Bruce Wayne rejected one of his inventions. So, of course, he seeks revenge.

This costume is awful. The red flat top, thin eye mask, and the green spandex suit with the opening to put your thumbs through is all just too much. He looks like a leprechaun. What made him think anyone should take him seriously in this get-up? This is one of the worst displays of a villain's costume in a Batman movie to date.

3 Best: The Court Of Owls

The Court of Owls was introduced in Scott Snyder's new 52 Batman run.  It is rumored that the Court of Owls are as old or even older than Gotham City. They are always lurking in the shadows and are a secret organization running Gotham City behind everyone's backs.

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The Court of Owls is made up of millionaires and billionaires. They are rolling in money, which means they can afford to dress beautifully. Their outfits are always on point, and their owl-like masks are sleek, bleak, and something from a nightmare. The other reason is because of their masks. A very mysterious mask is quite fitting for a very mysterious group of people.

2 Worst: Polka-Dot Man

Polka-Dot Man is not really a threat to the people of Gotham City, but he is a threat to their eyes. Abner Krill first appeared in Detective Comics #300 as a minor villain and laughing stock.

Just look at him. The reason this is the worst is because of the lack of creativity that is this costume. White with colorful dots makes it looks like he is wearing a Twister board. The power of the suit itself is cool, though. He can store gadgets inside the dots, but there had to have been a more aesthetically pleasing way to use this power, right?

1 Best: Harley Quinn

The best-dressed villain in Gotham City is, of course, Harley Quinn. Interestingly enough, Harley's first appearance was not in the Batman comics, but in the Batman Animated series. She is wild, spunky, ready for anything, and completely in love with the Joker (or used to be depending on who is writing).

She is now an iconic character, and her suit from the Batman Animated series is her classic costume. It is a head-to-toe black, red, and white jesters suit. The suit is complete with face paint, a little black mask, and a jester cap. It is also perfect for Harley's fighting style and her acrobatic moves. Many believe this is one of the best costumes a Batman villain has ever worn.

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