"Batman v Superman's" Doomsday Gets a Comic-Con Exclusive POP! from Funko

Heroes will quake in their boots this July during Comic-Con International: San Diego Doomsday, the iconic villain of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," will be immortalized as a Funko POP!, receiving his own a convention-exclusive figure.

Funko unveiled its latest POP! as part of a multi-week event revealing SDCC-exclusive items that began on June 13. Funko has yet to confirm if Doomsday will be available for sale online after the convention, so the only way to defeat your Superman POP! might mean a visit to San Diego, or risk paying an exorbitant aftermarket price.

In the comics, Doomsday is known as the unstoppable force that killed Superman, capping off the seminal "Death of Superman" storyline. The character returned in a new incarnation during DC Comics' New 52, and is back to menace the Man of Steel again during Rebirth. Writer Dan Jurgens -- the writer/artist responsible for the original tale -- promised that a Superman with a wife and son will need to figure out a new way to navigate the villain.

The Doomsday announcement marks the fifth wave of reveals for Funko. Other limited edition items in wave five include a pajama-clad Jack Skellington, multiple Hanna-Barbera Hair Bears, Green Arrow's nemesis Malcolm Merlyn and Chef Deadpool. Previous waves have included the likes of Doctor Strange and many, many more.

Funko has promised more information about how to purchase during SDCC after its full lineup of exclusives is revealed.

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