Why Wayne Manor Is Abandoned in Batman v Superman

Wayne Manor in Batman v Superman

Director Zack Snyder has returned to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with increasing frequency, confirming fan theories, and explaining the deeper meaning behind the Dark Knight's choice of weapon and even bedroom decor. Now the filmmaker has offered some insight into why Wayne Manor is in ruins in the 2016 feature.

Although the Wayne family ancestral home was a central setting in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, in which it's burned by the League of Shadows and then rebuilt by Bruce, in Batman v Superman the mansion is derelict, abandoned after some long-ago fire. Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne remains nearby, however, living in an ultra-modern lake house, situated above its own Batcave.

Bruce Wayne's Glasshouse
Bruce Wayne's Glasshouse

Appearing on his social-media platform of choice, Vero, Snyder offered some insight into the state of Wayne Manor, and the origin of the lake house, widely referred to as the "Glasshouse."

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"I think his father commissioned the lake house as a gift to his mother a place built by her favorite architect and she loved it," he wrote. "When Bruce turned 18, he moved in [and] he ordered Wayne Manor be left to decompose."

That would suggest that Wayne Manor has been abandoned for ... well, several decades by the time of its appearance in Batman v Superman.

The primary residence of Affleck's Bruce Wayne and Jeremy Irons' Alfred Pennyworth, the Glasshouse is seen again in 2017's Justice League.

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