'Batman v Superman' trailer goes retro with Adam West, Lynda Carter

While we've certainly seen our fair share of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice parodies, none will likely warm nostalgic hearts quite like "Batman v Superman 1966," a shot-for-shot remake of the trailer that uses footage from the classic Batman, Adventures of Superman and Wonder Woman TV series.

You may quibble with the "1966" part of the title, considering Adventures of Superman went off the air in 1958, and Wonder Woman didn't debut until 1975, but don't get distracted: This is a fun sendup that also (cleverly) weaves in footage from The Monkees -- Peter Tork as Lex Luthor! -- Hogan's Heroes and even The Munsters.

Better still, in some scenes the mouths sync up pretty well with the dialogue.

Watch the "Batman v Superman 1966" trailer, and the side-by-side comparison, below.

(via Nerdist)

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