"Batman V Superman," "Star" Wars & "Iron Man 3" Exclusives Explode From Hot Toys

Earlier today you probably saw the very first "Suicide Squad" figure of Jared Leto from Hot Toys. That Toy Fair 2016 exclusive will be joined by three others from "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," "Iron Man 3" and "Star Wars Battlefront."

The Knightmare version of the Caped Crusader seen in "Batman v Superman" might have featured in a dream sequence, but the costume continues to appeal to toymakers. The Hot Toys take comes with gear to traverse the desert, weapons to blow away Super-minions and three different face pieces.

The Mark XXVII Armor seen in "Iron Man 3" also earns a figure. Dubbed "Disco," the orange-and-blue suit actually allows for the chameleon-like ability to blend into one's surroundings. The figure comes with a multitude of hands, intricate figure stand and LED lights.

Finally, check out the jetpack-equipped Jumptrooper figures based on the "Star Wars Battlefront" video game. This piece comes with the signature jump pack as well heavy and scout blasters, all the better to snipe you with from high above.

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