"Batman V Superman" Saves the Best for Last: The Final Trailer's Greatest Moments

We're just six weeks away from the superhero fight of the century, and Warner Bros. has whipped anticipation for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" up even further with a new trailer for the DC Comics film. As it's the final trailer in "BvS'" ad campaign, the clip makes the most of its two-minute running time by packing in new shots, new lines, new punches and new voices.

Action, romance, conflict, bravery -- the new "Batman v Superman" trailer has all of that and more. The trailer may not reveal more about Doomsday's role in the film, but it features more than enough totally new moments to get fans pumped up. Here are the five most important moments from the "Batman v Superman" trailer.

Brawling Batman

So far, Ben Affleck's Batman has been utilized in trailers as a looming figure. He stands in the shadows, leaps from a skyscraper and socializes as a civilian. We haven't seen the new Batman in action -- until now. A quarter of this trailer is spent showing the veteran Dark Knight at work, busting up windows, crates and criminals in the process. It's a fast-paced, relentless and efficient section of the trailer, and it establishes the new movie Batman as a force to be reckoned with. Oh, and according to Bruce Wayne, all that was him moving slowly.

Batmobile v Superman

You've seen the new Batmobile already, sure, in a number of photos and even a video starring Los Angeles Clippers player DeAndre Jordan. The Batmobile is not a mystery, but we've yet to see it interact with the Man of Steel beyond a futile attempt to run him over. In the trailer, we see the heavily-armored Batmobile do more than just bounce off Superman like a ping pong ball. The iconic vehicle ignites its engine, bursts through a concrete wall, hugs a curve and then comes "face" to face with Superman. The whole sequence, presented in a larger context in this trailer, makes this moment pay off big time.

Romance of Lois & Clark

We know from interviews with Amy Adams and Henry Cavill that Lois and Clark will be much further along in their relationship than when we last saw them in "Man of Steel." For one thing, they're living together now -- and we see some of that depicted in this trailer. Specifically, we see a flash of Clark jumping into the tub with Lois -- while he's still fully clothed. That playful moment, which is the one time Lois smiles in the trailer, is paired with a quick, tender scene between the Daily Planet reporter and her supersuit-wearing boyfriend.

Wonder Woman In Action

Wonder Woman debuted in the closing shot of the first "BvS" trailer, and her prominence has increased with every new collection of footage. This time around, we not only get to see Gal Gadot in action as Wonder Woman, we get to hear her deliver a witty line to Bruce Wayne. Oh -- and then we see her leap into battle, unleashing a ferocious war cry and brandishing her sword and shield

Superman Stopped

The final moment of the "BvS" trailer addresses a question everyone has been asking since the title of the film was announced: how does Batman, a human, stand a chance against Superman, a super-powerful Kryptonian? Well, here's your answer -- or at least a hint. We get to see Superman throw a punch at Batman and, somehow, Batman deflects the punch midair. This is a striking parallel moment to the earlier Batmobile showdown, except this time it's Batman shaking off the attack. Batman's wearing his armored suit at the time, which indicates that a tech enhancement (fueled by kryptonite?) puts him on Supes' level. Either way, this isn't something we're used to seeing -- and, judging by his expression, neither is Superman.

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" opens on March 25.

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