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“Batman v Superman” Originally Included Four Hours of Footage

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“Batman v Superman” Originally Included Four Hours of Footage

According to editor David Brenner, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” could have been a lot longer than its final 151 minute runtime. During an interview with ProVideoCoalition, Brenner discussed the original four-hour cut of the film, what ended up on the cutting room floor and more.

“In the script, there were more story lines than you see in the movie today,” he shared. “That was probably our biggest editorial issue in trying to get the cut down to a reasonable length.”

“For us, the trickiest section was the beginning of the film, until the point where Bruce Wayne tells Alfred the truth about what is on the ‘White Portugese’ ship… the truth about his plan,” he revealed. “This moment set into motion everything until the end of the film, really. Until that point, the movie was always tracking many solo paths, some intersecting, some not. Finally, in this scene, the paths fork into one road.”

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As to cut storylines, he said, “There are more subplots than you see in the movie right now. Also, in terms of building this beginning, we had to move things around. In the script, Lex was introduced much later, but we found that in watching the movie — because he’s such an important player — it was best to set him up sooner.”

“It was a lot to juggle. So the plot lines of a couple characters had to go,” he added.

“What was once a nearly four hour cut with absolutely everything was ridiculous — ended up being about a three hour cut, once all these added storylines were refined with the fat was cut out,” he explained.

“I remember being a little worried,” he recalled. “Three and a half hours, okay, that’s fine for a movie of this size, the way Zack likes to work. This was more daunting. But we cut down ‘Man of Steel’ from about 3 and half hours, I knew we’d get this done.”

Directed by Zack Snyder and starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is now playing in theaters.

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