An Element From Batman v Superman Just Became DC Comics Canon


SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains minor spoilers for Batman #33 by Tom King and Joëlle Jones, on sale now.

After the conclusion of the flashback-set "The War of Jokes and Riddles" storyline, this week's Batman #33 (by Tom King and Joëlle Jones) once again moves the story in the wake of Bruce Wayne's epic proposal to Selina Kyle. But instead of giving us a more conventional story that explores the fallout of such a life-altering development, the issue starts in a manner you'd not expect with Batman and Catwoman on a horseback journey through the middle of a desert.

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We quickly learn that Batman and Catwoman have taken a trip to the Middle East; specifically, they're heading towards a place called Khadym. In thew issue's opening sequence, we see that both Bruce and Selina know how to dress for the occasion, with the two characters wearing costumes that make the perfectly recognizable as their alter-egos while being practical for survival in a long journey through the hot, dry environment. However, DC Extended Universe movie fans will quickly realize that Batman's outfit is actually something they have seen before, in Zack Snyder's 2016 film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Batman comic book desert costume

In the middle of the film, there is an extended dream sequence dubbed the "Knightmare" vision. In it, Bruce dreams of a dark future where he is part of a rebellion that fights against Superman's reign of terror over a planet that appears to be under the control of Darkseid and his minions. In a bleak, desert wasteland, Batman and his allies brutally fight to survive -- and Batman does so in a costume that became noteworthy thanks to its stylistic and striking look: trench-coat, scarf, goggles, bat cowl and armor.

Numerous toys, figures and collectibles were made to represent the new version of the outfit, dubbed the "Kightmare costume," and as of today, the design officially makes the jump from the silver screen to the comic book page, effectively becoming an official part of DC Comics canon. As Batman rides on his horse, readers can easily tell that this is the exact same costume, down to using the same colors as in the film.

While we've seen the costume in numerous previews ahead of the issue's arrival, seeing it now that it's been "officially" released adds a little layer of, "Hey - that's cool!" to it. The use of the Knightmare costume in the comics is a nice touch, and a fun nod to what many fans felt was one of the high points of the BvS film.

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