Flash Used the Cosmic Treadmill in Batman v Superman, Snyder Confirms

batman v superman flash cosmic treadmill

It's the gift that keeps on giving, as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder shares more behind-the-scenes details about the movie's Knightmare scene.

It has been two years since the superhero blockbuster hit theaters, but it hasn't stopped the filmmaker from drip-feeding details about the movie and what plans he had if he had remained with Warner Bros.' so-called DC Extended Universe.

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Yet again sharing more ideas on Vero from his collapsed Snyderverse, the director confirms the theory that Barry Allen utilized the iconic Cosmic Treadmill to come back and warn Bruce Wayne about the perils of the future.

The Cosmic Treadmill is a well-known piece of DC comics lore that has frequently helped heroes like The Flash travel through time, but until now, no one knew it was used in Batman v Superman. According to the social-media post, Allen used the Cosmic Treadmill to travel back in time and tell Bruce about the grim Knightmare future, but went too far and was forced to step off it into the Batcave. Interestingly, that's what led Bruce to believe his headquarters had been compromised and prompted the move back to Wayne Manor. It may have only been a subtle detail, but it is one that Snyder is keen for audiences to know about.

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Snyder originally intended to direct a five-movie arc, and his recent flurry of social-media activity proves each installment would've been connected to those that came before it. Fans already know the Knightmare timeline was set to make a return somewhere in his cinematic universe, and the sequence from Batman v Superman remains one of the movie's most divisive. There is no denying there was plenty of potential to further explore the apocalyptic world of desert Batman and a dark Superman, but what part The Flash would've played is unknown. No matter what, the Cosmic Treadmill would've undoubtedly come in handy.

With Snyder having exited the DCEU, however, audiences will likely never know what might've come next. The ability to time travel may have been part of Snyder's vision for the franchise, but no one knows if or when it will play a part in the upcoming slate of DC movies. As for The Flash, Barry Allen had an expanded role in Snyder and Joss Whedon's Justice League, and is still set to have his own standalone movie — despite The Flash being in a state of flux. Either way, Snyder may be able to appease fans with these interesting titbits, however, none of it really matters now.

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