"Batman V Superman" Cinematographer Now Insists "Everyone Will Love" Ultimate Edition

After initially insisting the Blu-ray Ultimate Edition of "Batman v Superman" won't sway anyone who hated the film, cinematographer Larry Fong has had a change of heart.

"Watched the #UltimateEdition again," he wrote Friday on Twitter, "now believe EVERYONE will LOVE it. Pre-order TODAY!"

Watched the #UltimateEdition again; now believe EVERYONE will LOVE it. Pre-order TODAY! #BatmanvSuperman #WBHomeEnt https://t.co/bRVQbTZLzi

- Larry Fong (@larryfong) June 10, 2016

Of course, that stands in stark contrast to what Fong said only the week before: "Those of you who are fans, will dig it. If you hated it, you'll still hate it." He later added that it was "SO obvious" the Ultimate Edition is for the film's fans.

Asked Friday whether there was any scene "that will be blowing everyone's mind," Fong replied, "Yes. They've added snarky comedy humor comebacks to all of Batman's dialogue." Presumably that's a comedy humor comeback of Fong's own.

Arriving June 28 on Digital HD and July 19 on Blu-ray, the "Batman v Superman" Ultimate Edition will feature a three-hour R-rated cut of the Zack Snyder film, and include storylines that were either shortened or removed completely in the theatrical release.

Starring starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" has grossed just north of $872 million worldwide.

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