'Batman' unmasked -- as a delivery guy helping a shady friend

No sooner did the Batman of Bradford, England, make international headlines for turning over a wanted man to police than he's been unmasked by the media, thus ending the shortest-ever membership in the Club of Heroes.

As you might have suspected, West Yorkshire's own Dark Knight isn't Bruce Wayne, or even Cyril Sheldrake. Instead, he's been identified as Stan Worby, a 39-year-old Chinese takeaway driver. And he wasn't proving once again that criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot; rather, he was helping a friend pull off a joke.

Worby explained to ITV's Daybreak he was wearing the Batman costume to a Feb. 24 soccer match in London when he received a call from his friend Danny Frayne, who needed a ride to the police station to turn himself in on charges of handling stolen goods and fraud. Worby arrived back in Bradford so late that he didn't have time to change out of the outfit.

When the two arrived at the station early Feb. 25, Worby announced to surprised police officers, "I've caught this one for you!" before vanishing into the night.

Worby told ITV he's "gobsmacked" by the international attention he's received, saying, "it was just a practical joke between me and Danny, really." Frayne, 27, is set to appear before a magistrate on Friday.

Now that his identity is revealed, "Batman" would like to clear his name, or at least his physique:  He doesn't have a paunch, thank you very much. "I've got my full tracksuit on underneath," Worby explained. "I'm not wearing this, it's just too thin."

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