Batman's 10 Most Underrated Allies

Batman is seen as a lone figure, with the perception surrounding him that he’s not approachable. And yet, Batman has the most allies out of any other hero. He’s of course part of the Justice League, and this alone means he has more than hundreds of allies across the universe.

Some allies of his haven’t been named among Batman’s best, and this is a shame since these characters have been vital for Batman in many ways. For this list, we’ve considered different versions of the same superhero/person as separate characters and based their “underrated” qualities on how much they valued both Bruce Wayne and Batman personalities.

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10 Nightwing

People tend to leave out Nightwing as one of Batman’s allies; focusing on Dick Grayson when he was Robin instead. This notion isn’t without reason either, with most of the depictions of the story showing Batman and Robin having a major falling out that resulted in Dick leaving Bruce.

However, there’s no question about it that Dick does carry out his Nightwing duties for Batman whenever the latter has needed his help. He leaves behind his operations in Bludhaven to accompany Batman in Gotham. It’s a big feat, too, since Nightwing is the prime hero in his city and leaving it means the city is without a protector. This shows how much he still respects Batman and he was seen in Batman & Harley Quinn recently helping out Batman with the Joker’s insane sidekick.

9 Terry McGinnis

In Batman Beyond, Terry would take the mantle of Batman himself, proving to be better than Bruce had been in many respects, such as finally defeating the Joker and freeing Superman from mind control. Not only did he succeed Bruce, he was revealed to be his son in Justice League Unlimited.

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This meant that Terry truly was Bruce’s legacy, and clearly one of his greatest allies. Bruce had become disillusioned by the world when he first met Terry, and the boy was the only person he trusted by that point. Being trusted by Batman is no easy feat, and Terry could claim to be the only one. Terry saved Bruce’s lives several times over the course of Batman Beyond and was his caretaker in old age.

8 "Robin" - Dark Knight Trilogy

You can ask a diehard Batman fan about the long lines of characters who have taken the mantle of Robin, and almost all of them (except for maybe a film fan) will exclude the Dark Knight Trilogy version. While it’s understandable why he might not be given his due credit, there’s no denying he was a key ally to Batman in The Dark Knight Rises.

Firstly, he was trustworthy enough to never reveal to anyone that Bruce was Batman. After that, the guy braved dying at the hands of Bane’s forces to rally the people of Gotham to fight and survive. In the end, Batman deemed him worthy of carrying on his mantle and handed him the location of the Bat Cave.

7 Catwoman

Two decades or so ago, Catwoman would never have been included in any list of Batman’s allies, as she occupied the role of a supervillain for the most part. Starting from Batman Returns, though, Catwoman is now mainly known as an anti-hero ally of Batman.

She’s earned it too since we’ve seen her save Batman’s life more times than we can count. In the Dark Knight Trilogy, she was the one who rescued him from Bane’s clutches by blasting the villain to his death. In the Arkham series, both Batman and Catwoman saved each other’s lives at multiple points. She might still be duplicitous and devious, but Catwoman has proven herself to be a Batman ally.

6 Batgirl - The Animated Series

We don’t really need to list down all Batgirl did for Batman – you could just watch Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures to find out. That’s because Batgirl is vital for Batman to defeat his enemies in this universe.

Ultimately, she was the sole ally he had that stuck around with him in his old age. This made Batgirl the only one to truly remain loyal with him. Her greatest feat of support for Batman was seen in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, where a flashback revealed she was responsible for finally beating Harley Quinn and bringing back Tim Drake (more on him below) from insanity.

5 Robin - Tim Drake

The simple fact is that Tim Drake is always overlooked when it comes to deciding the best Robin, purely because he’s seen as the young boy he was when Batman first recruited him. Jason Todd became Red Hood; Dick Grayson as Nightwing; Tim Drake remains languishing without people giving him the attention he deserves.

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To know of his greatest display of loyalty to Batman is in Return of the Joker, where the Clown Prince of Crime brainwashed the boy into making him his “son”, complete with Tim looking like a child version of the Joker. Even then, the tortured Tim held loyalty for Batman and, after being egged on by Joker to shoot Batman, he would kill the Joker by fighting his mental conditioning.

4 The Flash - DCAU And DCEU

If you think about it, after seriously considering his abiltiies, the Flash is the most powerful Justice League member. Unfortunately for him, he is consistently treated as a joke by the narration itself, which prompts us to take him lightly.

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The Flash has proven to be Batman’s key ally in the DCAU and DCEU, wherein the former he was prepared to sacrifice himself for Batman, and was taken under Batman’s wing – he became a proficient interrogator thanks to Batman’s training. In the DCEU, the Flash is again treated as comic relief, but was a worthy inclusion by Batman, as he was responsible for bringing Superman back and aided in defeating Steppenwolf. The alternate future had Flash traveling back in time to warn Bruce of Superman’s evil turn, too.

3 Oracle- Arkham Series

Under her Oracle persona, Barbara Gordon once again displayed her usefulness by becoming Batman’s tech support. The Arkham series Oracle has been shown to be the most noteworthy version of the character (although underrated compared to others), with Oracle basically being Batman’s “eyes” during the games’ events.

Whenever Batman needed assistance with his detective issues, he would contact Oracle for help. Without her running the support from behind, Batman would never have escaped from either Arkham Asylum or Arkham City. She provided him solutions to problems that stumped him, and had she not been around, then there’s no question the antagonists would’ve won.

2 Jim Gordon - Gotham

Poor Jim Gordon. The guy has been steadfast and non-corrupt by Batman’s side for decades, and yet he’s still known as Commissioner Gordon, whose role is to mainly light the sky of Gotham City for Batman’s signal.

In most recent depictions, Jim Gordon has been shown to be the one to retrieve young Bruce Wayne after his parents’ death, providing the traumatized boy with genuine comfort he seldom received. Gordon’s greatest contribution, however, has been him endorsing Batman as the protector of Gotham, thereby saving him from being tried as a vigilante.

1 Alfred - DCEU

Alfred has never been underrated in the slightest as Batman’s ally, but the DCEU version sure has. It’s too bad Batman’s storylines in this continuity were all over the place, otherwise this version of Alfred would’ve received the credit he should get.

He was the moral compass for Bruce, as he realized Superman was not the enemy when Batman wanted the latter dead. This Alfred wasn’t frail either, and he could contend with Bruce on a more demanding scale. He didn’t falter in an argument like the other versions of Alfred; you could see him being a big brother figure rather than a father figure to Bruce. The DCEU Batman was brutal, and he needed an Alfred that was a cut above the rest. He sure did receive just that.

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