'Batman' turns suspect over to police, disappears into the night

Much like their Gotham City counterparts, police in West Yorkshire are left wondering about the identity and whereabouts of the Caped Crusader.

BBC News reports that a man dressed as the Dark Knight appeared at a police station in the early hours of Feb. 25 to hand over a 27-year-old wanted on charges handling stolen goods and fraud before fading back into the darkness. "Where he went, nobody knows," correspondent Danny Savage says. "He disappeared into the night."

While some have speculated that Batman might actually be a friend of the wanted man, police contend they have no clues to his identity.

However, Kathryn Sutcliffe of The Joke Shoppe -- a front for The Joker if ever I heard one -- believes she sold the costume to the masked man, whom she described as a tall man in his 20s with curly black hair and a local accent. "Usually they want the Dark Knight costume but he wanted this one," she recalled. "He wanted the one with the muscly chest as well. It's like the one Del Boy wears in Only Fools and Horses."

In a sure sign that the World's Greatest Detective may be slipping, Sutcliffe said the man paid with a credit card. But he needn't worry: His secret identity is safe with her.

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