Batman Writer Tom King Shares the Best Convention Proposal Story of 2019

Batman Catwoman Wedding Mark Brooks

Tom King isn’t shy about sharing his positive interactions with fans on social media, and he may have just taken it to a new level at a recent convention by helping make a nerdy marriage proposal especially memorable.

“The best thing. This cool, nerdy young lady’s been coming to my con booths for years," King tweeted. "This year, her parents and her Navy bound boyfriend asked if I could set up a proposal. I told her I needed a cosplay pic of a BatCat engagement. She agreed. He pulled out a ring. She said yes."

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The bride-to-be replied, “This is me and my now fiancé Griffin. So happy to see all these nice responses! Thank you for helping him set up the best proposal ever and the happiest moment of my life! And yes our wedding is about to be major comic book/nerd themed if anyone was wondering.”

Writer and talent manager Kat Fox tweeted a video of the proposal, to which King replied, “You’re crying!”

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When it comes to geeky proposals, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Tom King is currently writing Batman and Heroes in Crisis for DC.

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