10 Weird Comic Book Crossovers Like Batman/TMNT

Batman/TMNT Crossover

It's official. The animated division of DC Comics movies will feature a Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle team-up in the near future. Of course, this might not surprise you if you've been keeping up with DC Comics. The Batman/TMNT crossover series that's been going on for a little while now has gotten some great reviews, and it's exciting that Warner Bros. is pursuing an animated version. Still, the Batman/TMNT won't be out for a few months, so to help you wait, we thought we'd list some other really weird comic book crossover titles for you to check out. Read our 10 Weird Comic Book Crossovers Like Batman/TMNT and see if it helps!

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10 Star Wars Tales #19

Star Wars Indiana Jones and Han Solo

Back when Dark Horse has control of the Star Wars comic line, “canon” was a little bit looser of a term. The Star Wars Tales titles frequently broke story conventions, especially in number 19. That, if you haven’t guessed by the picture, is when Han Solo met Indiana Jones. Check out the story to see how they cross paths, just be prepared for a bit of a downer. Things don’t turn out as happy as Han Solo or Indiana Jones stories usually do.

9 Eminem/The Punisher

Yes, you read this correctly. There was a time in Marvel comics when the Punisher, ruthless vigilante murderer, went after Eminem. What’s hilarious about this comic is that Eminem actually outwits and outfights the Punisher numerous times, knocking him unconscious at one point and killing a villain he can’t at another. So if you’re a huge Eminem fan, check out this comic, because he’s portrayed as a very tough, very smart guy. If you’re a fan of the Punisher, well... what’s your sense of humor like?

8 Planet Of The Apes/Green Lantern

Green Lantern/Planet Of The Apes Crossover

As an adventure goes on in the Planet of the Apes timeline of Earth, a mysterious ring appears to some of its best warriors. As it turns out, this ring is from an alternate universe, specifically the DC universe, and a few people from that universe are looking for it. If you want a great sci-fi epic set underneath some amazing Ape Green Lantern designs, this book is absolutely for you. Also, we should probably be friends.

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7 Injustice Vs. Masters Of The Universe

The Justice League and Masters of the Universe have met a couple of different times, but never quite like this. This time, the characters of the Justice League come from the universe of the Injustice video game/comic book, wherein Superman has become an evil tyrant after a devastating personal loss. As you can imagine, this kind of tyranny doesn’t sit well with He-Man, nor does the power struggle please Skeletor. Read the comic to see just how these tensions between powerhouses shake out.

6 Archie Meets The Punisher

Archie Meets The Punisher

If you're a fan of Riverdale, then this crossover between Marvel’s deadliest anti-hero and the coolest teens in America might not shock you. After all, Riverdale is dark and suspenseful, a place where Frank Castle would fit right in. But at the time this book came out, Archie was still a wholesome, fun-loving teen loverboy, way too innocent to deal with the Punisher. The pairing is pretty hilarious, so read this book if you want a campy, tongue-in cheek Punisher story or an overdramatic twist on the old Archie Comics.

5 Sonic Super Special


Sonic the Hedgehog meets Spawn. If that description doesn’t already have you hooked, then maybe stop reading the rest of this article. Technically, this is the entire Sonic comic book cast meeting the interconnected Image Comics universe, but we think it’s enough just to say that first part. How this story hasn’t been made into an animated movie yet, we can not tell you.

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4 Lobo/Mask

Lobo and the Mask crossover

First of all, you should really read the original Mask comics published by Dark Horse. They’re very different from the Jim Carrey movie you know, but they’re still really fun, darkly-hilarious stories about a normal guy with extraordinary powers. And once you read those, be sure to check out the time Big Head met Lobo. It’s a violent, cartoony, raunchy story about two hysterically overpowered characters trying to kill each other, and isn’t that one of the main reasons we read comics?

3 Archie Vs. Predator

Alright, even if you are familiar with the dark side of Archie Comics via Riverdale, you still probably won’t be able to wrap your head around this story until you read it. The Predator, deadliest tracker known to our galaxy and beyond, comes to Riverdale, and it’s up to the Town with Pep to fend him off. Read this story not just for its ridiculous concept, but for the incredible way it adapts the Predator design to the classic Archie art style. That alone is an accomplishment worth your attention.

2 Spider-Man Vs. Powdered Toast Man

Remember Powdered Toast Man, the mascot of Powdered Toast cereal on Ren & Stimpy? Yeah, we know that’s a deep cut into Ren & Stimpy trivia, so if you weren’t a fan of the show, you’ll forgive us for asking. But we can make it worth your time with this second to last entry on this list, the time Powdered Toast Man actually met Peter Parker. It is a trippy, wild meet-up between a very familiar Marvel hero and a random running gag from an overtly perverted children’s show, so we recommend it if you’re feeling weird. Really, really weird.

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1 Batman/Elmer Fudd Special

Batman/Elmer Fudd

Well folks, we saved the best for last. Even though a lot of really fun stuff came out of the recent Looney Tunes/DC Universe crossover, the title that stood out the most was the Elmer Fudd/Batman meet-up created by the brilliant Tom King and Lee Weeks. We really can not recommend this book enough. It embraces its own weirdness and makes for a story that’s both as objectively funny as it is tense in the moment. Pick it up the first chance you get.

What’s your favorite comic book crossover? Did we leave any of the best ones off this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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