Batman: Tim Burton's Dark Knight Might Return Someday

Batman 1989 Finale

This month marks the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton's Batman, the theatrical film that went on to become a box office phenomenon and definitively break the Dark Knight free of the campy legacy of the 1960s television series.

The film connected with audiences in a major way in 1989, influencing a new generation of fans, many of which would become comic book creators in their own right years later. And after DC Comics' success adapting previous media incarnations of the Caped Crusader into all-new comic book stories like Batman '66 and Batman: Arkham Knight, the publisher is open to the possibility of continuing the world of Tim Burton's Batman in future comic book stories someday, according to CNN.

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"We still get pitches today from creators who say 'Hey, this was the property that made me a comic book fan? Can we do a comic book that ties directly into this particular reality as presented on the big screen?'" DC Comics Co-Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee revealed.

Burton and Michael Keaton would reunite for 1992's Batman Returns which, while not as warmly received as its predecessor, still inspired its own wave of fans, particularly with its portrayal of Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.

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