Three Jokers Artist Promises 'Tons of Easter Eggs'

Jason Fabok, the artist on the upcoming Batman: Three Jokers DC Black Label series has teased that the comic will include a number of Easter eggs for longtime Batman fans.

Posting to Twitter, Fabok shared, “I have so many cool panels from Three Jokers Id love to share...BUT...we've decided to not show anything just yet. But you will be getting a book with dense panels, lots of epic shots, and tons of easter eggs that will make long time Batman fans flip out!”

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Written by Geoff Johns, Batman: Three Jokers will be released in three 46-page issues. Although there currently isn’t a release date, Johns is optimistic that it will be released before the end of the year.

The story, which will be released under the DC's Black Label imprint, will tie into the mainline DC continuity and will explain the presence of three separate versions of The Joker that are operating in the DC Universe. Heroes set to appear alongside Batman are Jason Todd and Barbara Gordon, two characters who The Joker has a bloody history with.

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