Batman: Three Jokers - What Does Jason Fabok's Cover Tell Us?

While details on Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok's upcoming Three Jokers miniseries are still scarce, Fabok's newly released cover may offer clues on what the DC Black Label title might entail.

First teased in the pages of 2015's Justice League #42 as part of Johns and Fabok's final Justice League story "Darkseid War", Batman got a glimpse at the hidden mysteries of the DC Universe by temporarily gaining the power of the New God Metron's Mobius Chair. While attempting to use the Chair to discover the Joker's true identity, the Dark Knight was shocked to discover that there are actually three Clown Princes of Crime.

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The mystery continued to simmer into the DC Rebirth era, with Batman editor Jamie S. Rich confirming at C2E2 this past April that Johns was indeed writing the story, with Fabok already hard at work illustrating the tale.

At his spotlight panel yesterday during Comic-Con International, Johns provided an update on Batman: Three Jokers, offering the most information about the story yet. The title will be a three-issue miniseries and part of DC's new imprint DC Black Label, which boasts all-star creative teams working on titles that, until now, have been set outside of the continuity of the main DC Universe. While Johns clarified that the miniseries would have repercussions that carry over into the DCU, he personally views the tale as more of a Joker story than a Batman one, though the Caped Crusader does play a central role, as do Barbara Gordon and Jason Todd.

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Perhaps most intriguingly, Johns also unveiled the first cover for the upcoming miniseries by Fabok, with colorist Brad Anderson, which potentially features clues hinting at what's to come with the eagerly anticipated story. And, just like the title and Johns' stance that the Joker is the true protagonist of the comic, those clues lie within the titular villains themselves.

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