Batman: Three Jokers Art Confirms Which Eras the Different Jokers Are From

It's not New York Comic Con without some massive DC Comics reveals, and fans got exactly that during Geoff Johns' spotlight panel.

The writer, along with artist Jason Fabok, shared some new looks at what's in store for readers when their DC Black Label series Batman: Three Jokers arrives in comic stores. In addition to the character design sheets, which show off the three different Jokers' looks and make perfectly clear which era each is from (Original Joker, Killing Joke and Classic '60s Joker)), as well as Batman and Batgirl's decidedly Silver Age costumes, convention attendees were treated to glimpses of interior art from the project.

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“The coolest thing about this story is, no one knows anything about it,” Johns told a rapt NYCC audience. “It’s a pretty mature take. I’ve never gotten to write a Batman and Joker story, and Jay’s never gotten to draw one. We wanted to tell the best Batman story, the best Joker story possible.”

"Jason [Todd], Barbara [Gordon] and Batman are gonna be the main characters," he added.

“This whole book is a lotta work,” Fabok said. “But I’m so excited to get up and work, and every time I hand in a page, I’m really proud of it. I feel there’s a magic to this story. I had chills, I really feel like Geoff has come up with the ultimate Batman/Joker story.”

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Among the interior artwork DC debuted at NYCC was a shot of Jason Todd’s Red Hood mask resting in front of a bloodstained grave. Other panels Johns revealed featured one of the Jokers covered in blood, someone removing a classic Red Hood mask from a smiling man’s head, and the grave of Thomas Wayne.

While Batman: Three Jokers doesn’t currently have a release date, Johns indicated at his SDCC panel that he hopes the miniseries will debut sometime this winter.

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