Batman & The Outsiders Writer Comments on Series' Delay

Following the rumors that DC Comics won't be debuting Batman and the Outsiders this December as initially planned, the series' writer Bryan Edward Hill clarified that the book isn't canceled; it's just been pushed back for creative reasons.

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When pressed by fans whose excitement turned to disappointment, Hill tweeted to clear the air on the matter, indicating the book "is still coming."

"Ah. OUTSIDERS is not being cancelled," he tweeted. "The pre-orders are being cancelled because I have to make adjustments (per other DCU events) but it will be re-solicited after the adjustments have been made. As I understand."

Hill also followed up with a series of other tweets to allay fans fears and frustrations on what's to come, confirming other events in the DC Universe have to be properly integrated into his story. He already began sowing these seeds in his Detective Comics run, introducing the new iteration of the Outsiders, with this title set to continue focusing on Black Lightning as Batman's lead, along with the likes of Katana, Orphan and a revamped lineup.

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The book was solicited for a December debut, but DC Comics informed retailers today that orders for the new series featuring Hill and art by Dexter Soy have been canceled. The third issue was solicited for release in February, although it remains to be seen what the new schedule will be.

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