Batman: The Devastator Takes on Superman in DC First Look

Batman: The Devastator by Jason Fabok

Two pages from the upcoming Batman: The Devastator #1 one-shot were revealed today at a panel at New York Comic Con. The comic is just one of seven one-shot issues that tie into the Dark Nights: Metal series. Each issue will focus on another corrupted Batman recruited by the bat-demon Barbatos to invade the world of DC Comics. The Devastator is one such evil Batman.

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The unholy union of Batman and one of Superman’s greatest foes, Doomsday, the Devastator is a hulking monstrosity made of spikes, teeth and fury. According to the new art, the Devastator will be following in Doomsday’s footsteps, as the creature can be seen going toe-to-toe with Superman.

batman the devastator first look 1

While the exact narrative depicted in the panels isn’t 100% clear, it would appear as though the Devastator has a human form. The first page sees a wounded Batman crawling towards a spear. Superman easily knocks the spear away with a quick laser blast, but the Batman activates something on his utility belt that triggers a transformation into the Devastator.

What was once a bloody stump of an arm quickly regenerates and Superman is knocked back by the newly-formed creature’s inhuman strength. The inclusion of a transformation element to the Devastator is reminiscent of another Batman foe, Bane, whose strength and dexterity is aided by a drug called Venom.

batman the devastator first look 2

Batman: The Devastator #1 is available for purchase on Nov. 1, 2017. The issue was written by Frank Tieri, with art by Tony S. Daniel. Jason Fabok is the issue’s cover artist.

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