Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, The Walking Dead, X-Men: October 10th Comic Reel


Although "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1" just hit last month as the latest DC Universe Animated feature, a trailer (courtesy MTV) for the second part has already hit online. Unsurprisingly, it looks to pick up right where the first part left off -- and includes a first look at the showdown between Superman and Batman.

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Releases on DVD/Blu-ray 2013.


"The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus spoke with Digital Spy about the upcoming third season of the AMC hit series and how his role of Daryl Dixon has changed from seasons past.

"Well, I've kind of stepped up in certain areas, so there is more for me to do," Reedus told Digital Spy. "Shane (Jon Bernthal) left last year and he was a big part of the storyline -- we have a lot of new characters, it's sort of spreading out. I don't want to give anything away, but I've sort of become Rick's right hand man in a way, so I'm doing a lot of physical stuff."

Premieres October 14 on AMC.


On this week's Word Balloon podcast, Mark Millar spoke about his role as creative consultant on Fox's Marvel properties including the Fantastic Four and X-Men. Thanks to Comic Book Movie for the transcript.

"I can't say too much about it right now, but 'The Wolverine' has only just started shooting really, I mean it's been shooting for a few weeks now. I really do like it and I'm really impressed by it. 'Days of Future Past,' which is being written at the moment, is the next one up and at the same time, 'Fantastic Four' is being written right now. In a weird way, it's just the easiest job in the world as I'm surrounded by people who are so good!"


Wu-Tang Clan frontman-turned-director RZA has teamed with Grant Morrison and producer Reginald Hudlin to adapt Morrison & Darick Robertson's Image Comics series "Happy" for film. The miniseries follows corrupt ex-cop and hitman Nick Sax, who begins to see his daughter's imaginary friend -- a blue cartoon horse -- following a grave injury.


After a long hiatus from the big screen, "Peanuts" is headed back to theaters in 2015. 20th Century Fox Animation, Blue Sky Studios and the family of Charles M. Schulz plan to release an animated feature film November 25, 2015, which marks the 65th anniversary of the "Peanuts" comic strip and the 50th anniversary of "A Charlie Brown Christmas." The script is by Schulz's son, Craig Schulz, his grandson Bryan Schulz and Cornelius Uliano. Steve Martino will direct.

Opens November 25, 2015


Another day, another new "Skyfall" TV spot. This one's entitled "Bond is Back." Not a lot of new footage in this one, but enough to get even more excited about Daniel Craig's return as James Bond.

Opens November 9


Yahoo! Movies has posted the first full clip of "Wreck-It Ralph" featuring John C. Reilly's character Ralph and Sarah Silverman's character Vanellope.

Plus, Disney Animation has posted this cool retro ad for the fictitious "Fix-It Felix, Jr." arcade game featured in the film.

Opens November 2


Speaking of viral marketing, Pixar has set up a website for "Monsters University" that serves as an informational page for the real Monsters University. The website is pretty complete and includes a number of different articles and looks at student life. A very complete website -- including an event calendar of upcoming events.

Opens June 21, 2013

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