'Batman: The Complete Television Series' Gives Side-By-Side Look at Restoration

After decades of waiting, Batman fans will finally be able to get their hands on legal, high-quality versions of the beloved, campy 1960s series starring Adam West and Burt Ward. To show exactly how much work went into restoring these nearly 50-year-old episodes, Warner Bros. released a video with a side-by-side presentation of the same scene before and after the process. Cesar Romero co-stars as the Clown Prince of Crime in this clip from the episode "The Joker Goes to School."

As Wired points out, it took so long for Batman to be released on home video because so many parties were involved in its production: DC Comics (then called National Periodical Publications), ABC and 20th Century Fox, plus individual producers. Assumed to be a lost cause, especially after Warner Bros. bought DC Comics, the show remained in limbo until model maker John Stacks started digging into the original contracts, which led to a consolidation of the existing rights and, eventually, a deal between Warner Bros. and Fox that first resulted in licensed products and then the home video offerings.

Arriving Nov. 11, Batman: The Complete Television Series includes among its features the Batgirl pilot as well as Ward's screen test.

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