"Batman: The Brave and the Bold" 1/23/2009 Clip

Cartoon Network has provided CBR News with two clips from the January 23rd airing episode of "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" called "Fall of the Blue Beetle!," introducing Ted Kord (voiced by Wil Wheaton) to the B&tB cartoon universe. The episode airs at 8:00 PM. The network description of the episode follows:

Official Press Release

"Fall of the Blue Beetle!" guest stars Star Trek: Next Generation Wil Wheaton as "Ted Kord / Silver Age Blue Beetle" and airs this Friday, January 23 on Cartoon Network at 8:00 PM.Blue Beetle traces his legacy back to the original Blue Beetle, to learn why the Scarab has chosen him to share in it's powers and become a super hero. The journey leads him to the dangerous Science Island where he battles legions of robots alongside Batman and learns the truth behind Ted Kord's disappearance.Voice actors starring in this episode include:

Wil Wheaton Ted Kord/ Silver Age Blue Beetle

Lex Lang Dr. Polaris

Deidrich Bader Batman

Will Friedle Jamie/ Blue Beetle

Jason Marsden Carlos

Simply click the image directly below to be taken to the clip from this episode, and scroll down to see a handful of screen grabs.

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