Batman: The Animated Series Intro Gets a Stop-Motion LEGO Remake

While fandom remains divided on "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and the prospects for Ben Affleck's "The Batman," there's one thing upon which most everyone can agree: "Batman: The Animated Series" was pretty awesome. And perhaps the only way to make it any better would be to add LEGO.

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Lucky for us, Kyle Roberts and Nathan Poppe have done just that. The filmmakers, who previously entertained us with an action-figure recreation of the '90s "X-Men" cartoon intro and a stop-motion dancing Baby Groot, have now turned their attention to the iconic opening of "Batman: The Animated Series." What better way to commemorate the impending premiere of "The LEGO Batman Movie"?

"I can safely say my childhood wouldn't have been the same without Batman or LEGO," Poppe said. "It only felt natural to see them combined in stop-motion heaven."

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However, reaching heaven isn't easy. The nearly two-minute video required more than 1,000 photos, 40 hand-drawn backgrounds, and north of 300 hours of work. But the result, most fans will undoubtedly confirm, is well worth it. The end of the tribute even gives the perfect nod to "The LEGO Batman Movie."

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