"Batman: The Animated Series" Episodes Get "Dark Deco" Posters

Since its debut in 1992, "Batman: The Animated Series" has been a constant and important part of comic book culture. With it's mature storytelling, streamlined design and stylish animation, the show has influenced whole generations of fans. The show's also responsible for creating characters like Harley Quinn and Det. Renee Montoya, two big additions to the Bat-mythos.

Artist George Caltsoudas is celebrating "Batman: The Animated Series" with a series of posters, each one dedicated to an episode of the show. Caltsoudas' plan is to draw one poster a day, five days a week, of all 65 episodes from "Batman's" first season. The posters capture the show's "Dark Deco" style, a term coined by the original series' creators to describe the show's look.

You can check out the first 10 posters below, which correspond with the first 10 episodes of the series. For your daily dose of "Dark Deco" "Batman" posters, you can follow Caltsoudas on Tumblr.

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