Batman: The Animated Series' Cast Explains Why It Stands the Test of Time

He is vengeance. He is the night. He is Batman, and he's finally heading to Blu-ray.

Batman The Animated Series made its debut back in 1992. Almost three decades later, the show is still adored by countless fans and is often cited as the definitive version of Batman outside of the comics. Clearly, Batman the Animated Series has stood the test of time, but what helped the animated show leave such a strong impression?

While promoting the upcoming Batman: The Complete Animated Series Deluxe Edition Blu-ray at New York Comic Con, CBR spoke with the people responsible for bringing the show's characters to life about its lasting impact.

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Producer Eric Radomski said no one foresaw how beloved the show would become, but he's honored by the praise. "No one could've predicted it at the time we were making it. We knew we loved it, we enjoyed it. Had no idea it would have this success, especially beyond our generation of producing the show... But for the fans that grew up on it and have introduced it to their kids, and helped us to be part of the Batman legacy from its beginnings is just a unique and special, very privileged experience to be part of."

As for why the show has stood the test of time, Radomski believes it boils down to a few very important things. "The timelessness of the content itself," Radomski replied when asked about how the show has continued to receive praise after all these years. He further elaborated, adding, "The preservation and the integrity of the character and the original intention of the character, and the stories. And again, pure passion that went into making it."

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The voice of Robin, Loren Lester, believes Batman The Animated Series thrived because of its writers and how they fleshed out the characters. "The writing is outstanding. The writing is like, what people love about comic books. People love comic books because comic books create three-dimensional characters with backstories. Everybody in our show, whether they were a villain or a hero, everybody had a backstory."

Lester expanded on his comments, explaining the writing made the characters relatable, something any story needs if it wants to endure. "Everybody had a reason for what they did, everybody had a psychology for what they did. People can relate to that because they want to see real people and that's true of any art. Any play, any movie, anything which speaks to that and creates real, three-dimensional people stands the test of time."

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