DC’s Batcave Playset Perfect for Batman: The Animated Series Fans

We might be living in a renaissance when it comes to seeing our favorite heroes and villains brought to life on the big and small screen alike, but one of the all-time great representations of the Dark Knight debuted back in 1992. That's right, we're talking about the classic and still fantastic Batman: The Animated Series which ran on Fox for four seasons, transitioning into The New Batman Adventures towards the end of its run.

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Thanks to ingeniously emotive, yet deceptively simple designs crafted by the likes of Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, the series, which recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of its premiere, continues to offer plenty of great moments for Bat-fans to discover. Batman: The Animated Series remains so fruitful that DC Collectibles found plenty of material to mine with the series of action figures, vehicles and now playsets based on the shows. Coming up next, they're releasing an impressive addition to the collection, officially titled "The Batcave with Batcomputer Vignette and Alfred Action Figure."

The fine folks at DC Collectibles sent CBR one of these playsets to review, and it will surely put a smile on any fan's face. Measuring 15.40-inches high x 19.40-inches wide x 16.40-inches deep, this beautiful construction looks like it came right off the screen into your living room.

Let's dig into the box itself. Inside you've got the rocky base and a backdrop packed with decals for the computers on either side of a huge syrofoam case holding all of the other parts, including Alfred. That rocky base features a staircase that can either remain attached as you see in these photos or removed and put anywhere you like. From there you place the massive Batcomputer into the three slots. The chair, tea set and scanner can be placed wherever you like on the set.

As an added bonus, the scanner boasts a compartment on the bottom to add three AA batteries and a plug the can connect to the back of the larger Batcomputer, thus sending light through all of those variously shaped monitors. The set comes with a guide as to where you can place the various stickers -- with plenty of options to customize in your own way -- which will then, in essence, glow when the lights are on.

Looking more closely at the Batcomputer, note that the phone itself can be pulled off its cradle and placed in someone's hand (such as Alfred). The joystick piece also has some give to it, but don't mess with it too, too much or it might crack. Beyond the computer itself, you can set up the cave backdrop which is folded perfectly to fit around the base without actually attaching. It might not seem important, but that simple piece of folded cardboard not only brings in more art elements from the animated series, but also really brings the look of the whole thing together nicely.

Of course, you can't talk about the Batcave here without talking about the Alfred figure. Perfectly postured and ready to do everything from serve a nice pot of coffee to sew up Master Bruce after a night on the town, Alfred looks fantastic. The figure features the character's iconic stoic facial expression and tuxedo, but also comes with two extra pairs of hands and a feather duster. For his tea cart, you can also arrange a coffee pot, cup, saucer, spoon and other dishes for even more set-up options. Watch out for that spoon, though, it's tiny and has a tendency to fall into crevices!

Given the impressive size of this vignette and the ability to organize it however you like, there's plenty of space to either play out your own adventures with your figures or set them up for display. The whole set has an suggested retail price of $175, so if you want to grab one for yourself or that special Batman fan in your life, it's a great opportunity to make a big impression.

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