Batman: The Adventure Continues Line Unleashes The Batman Who Laughs

DC Collectibles is bringing a new line of statues and action figures items to New York Comic-Con, with the new DC villain The Batman Who Laughs joining the Batman: The Animated Series-inspired lineup.

The Dark Multiverse version of the Dark Knight joins the fan-favorite Batman: The Adventures Continue action figure line, along with Talon, Hush and Thomas Wayne as Batman.

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The Batman Who Laughs figure is designed by Ty Templeton with a bio by Paul Dini. The figure combines the Dark Nights: Metal villain with the beloved animated TV series art style from Batman: The Animated Series.

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The announcement includes the 102nd statue in the Batman: Black & White series designed by Jim Lee; a Harley Quinn Red, White & Black statue designed by Steve Pugh from the young adult graphic novel, Breaking Glass; a DC Designer Series Batman statue by Alex Ross; and new DC Essentials action figures based on the zombie-apocalypse series DCeased

The Batman Who Laughs figure for Batman: The Adventures Continue is due to hit shelves October 2020. DC Collectibles will host a panel at New York Comic-Con Thursday, October 3rd at 1:45 pm, Room 1A21.

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