Batman: The Telltale Series' Final Episode Release Date Announced


Telltale Games' first foray into Gotham City comes to a close on December 13, when the fifth and final chapter of "Batman: The Telltale Series" arrives via digital download. The developer is celebrating the series' final chapter of the Dark Knight's story by releasing "Episode 1: Realm of Shadows" for free via Steam.

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The story's closing act will place players in different places to start, hinging on where they chose to go in Episode 3, "The New World Order."

In Episode 5, the leader of the Children of Arkham prepares to execute the final act of a plan to destroy the Wayne family name, and the people closest to you are in their path of vengeance. Can Batman's ultimate secret be kept - his very identity - when it is causing chaos and death in Gotham? The fate of the Wayne family and of the city itself rests on your choices. What will you do? How far will you go? Which mask will you wear?

The developer's second DC Comics-themed game, and first based on one of DC's superhero franchises, will release "Episode 5: City of Light" simultaneously for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Android and iOs platforms.

Starring Troy Baker (Batman: Arkham Knight) as Bruce Wayne, “Batman: The Telltale Series” follows the same episodic format of many of Telltale Games’ popular games, such as “The Walking Dead.” The player takes control of Bruce Wayne and Batman as they uncover the mysteries and corruption surrounding Gotham City. Wayne and the player must deal with the consequences of the decisions that the player makes as each episode unfolds in true, Telltale fashion. The game is distributed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment under its DC Entertainment label.

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