Batman, Teen Titans, Spawn 2, more: Comic Reel Wrap for December 3rd


Would you believe "Buffy" creator Joss Whedon had a shot at handling the current Bat-movie? Suffice it to say things went awry, as he told CFQ in an interesting interview that also touches on his stillborn "Firefly" project.


Comics Continuum has episode descriptions for the first four episodes of the new season.


IGN Filmforce is putting the kibosh on rumors of Stallone being in the Michael Jai White-fueled sequel. Producer Don Murphy told the site, "There is zero truth to any of this story which Harry [Knowles, AICN's webmaster] could have found out from me in one email if he cared." The movie proceeds with a script in development by Hans Rodionoff ("Man-Thing").


Moviehole sat down for an interview with Keanu Reeves, where he discussed mostly his new movie "Something's Gotta Give," but spoke about "Constantine" as well. While we're not really certain Alan (not "Allen") Moore created the character, Keanu has some interesting things to say. "We're telling a righteous story and something that I think is cool about adjusting one's place in the world and if we're lucky enough to entertain folks and that they dig it and whoever says, 'Keanu, do you want to do that again,' we'll see. Whether that turns into a franchise, and lunch boxes, I doubt it, but hopefully, if we can make a good film, I don't know."


Continuing to work way ahead of the curve, Kryptonsite has spoilers on a February episode (the fourteenth of the season) called "Obsession."


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