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Dawn Of Dankness: 15 Savage Batman Vs Superman Memes

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Dawn Of Dankness: 15 Savage Batman Vs Superman Memes

When talking about DC Comics, it’s impossible to do so without mentioning their two biggest characters: Batman and Superman. Also being two of their oldest superheroes, we are familiar with their stories and comics and have been for several decades now. Their trials, struggles, and powers (or lack thereof) make them interesting, and they’ll probably never go out of style. Now that DC is pushing the DCEU and incorporating these two titans, we get to see different interpretations of them once again. While so far, the reception for the universe has been mixed, there is a strong light at the end of the tunnel with the upcoming Justice League and The Batman movies (however far down the line the latter may be).

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Because of how big these two characters are though, there’s another art form that has taken them in with open arms: memes. These little snippets are an easy way to instil humor, as they’re extremely simple to make and can get a quick laugh out of everyone who sees them. They’re not for everyone, and we understand that each person has different tastes, but we still can’t help but laugh uncontrollably at these 15 savage Batman versus Superman memes.


Batman and Superman are known for having powerful foes. Batman’s archnemesis is The Joker, a literal chaotic antithesis to the vigilante of Gotham City. On the other hand, Superman has to face a lot of bad guys like Lex Luthor and Brainiac, but no villain has ever caused him more trouble than Kryptonite — the very rock that weakens him.

While any of these villains makes for an interesting story, when you break it down, this meme holds a lot of truth. Take away all of the ideology and elaborate traps, and The Joker is little more than a deranged clown. Likewise, Kryptonite is just some kind of special rock. By pointing these things out, we can easily see why these two would fight each other.


Superman, while a massive character, is often criticized for not being interesting enough due to how his power is nearly unbeatable. Some storytellers get around this by giving the Man of Steel some Jesus imagery so they can parallel themes of self-sacrifice and responsibility that most people will be able to easily identify. While not something he himself believes, Superman knows what kind of power and influence he has on the world.

That said, there are some other issues that come with that, and religious affiliation aside, Batman has a problem with it too. After all, Superman (even in universe) is not a special Messiah and is little more than a powerful alien who ended up on Earth. In this meme, Batman is giving it to him straight and quite literally slapping some sense into him.


There is a lot of controversy surrounding the climactic battle of Man of SteelIn it, General Zod and Superman punch each other through the city of Metropolis and cause a lot of property damage along the way. Half of the city is basically destroyed during this battle. This is naturally what leads to a lot of the conflict in Batman v Superman.

There are two ways to approach how Superman is dealt with in BvS: you can look and believe that they’re right to put him on trial for his crimes. At the same time, a lot of the people forgot that Superman actually saved the world, and he may have unintentionally destroyed the city along the way, it wasn’t his doing and it occurred so that everyone on the entire planet could live to fight another day.


After Batman v Superman came out, these memes were a dime a dozen. Before we move on, it’s important to know the meaning behind that scene. When Batman hears the name Martha, it’s a trigger for him that reminds him of his humanity and why he became a hero in the first place. On top of that, it communicates to him that Clark isn’t an unrelenting alien and actually has a conscience himself.

That said, the scene was still executed poorly. At face value, it looked like these two warring gladiators looked like they were buddy buddy just because their mothers shared the same name. Let’s hope in the future that they don’t have a conversation about their moms. Better to leave this one behind.


Batman has to wear a lot of armor. Period. He’s not going to effectively combat the criminals of Gotham City without the gear to back him up. That includes a suit that’s going to protect him against all sorts of weapons. Unfortunately, this comes with some drawbacks. In many previous Batman films, the Dark Knight was unable to turn his head. In Batman v Superman, he basically doesn’t have a neck at all.

However, this meme is scientific proof that there was a reason behind it. Superman snapped Zod’s neck in Man of Steel, so Batman wouldn’t want to undergo the same fate. Because of this, he made a suit that didn’t have a neck so that it couldn’t be broken. Man, BvS is so deep.


Superman’s “S” is more than just a flashy logo. As it stands now, the people at DC have cause it to mean “hope” in the Kryptonian language. While it’s a little on the nose, it perfectly reflects the person that Superman is to the rest of the earth. In the face of demons and monsters that are larger than life, there is a shining beacon of hope ready to save the day.

Then you go to Gotham City, and there’s a bit of a different symbol. If you come face to face with the Bat logo, it probably means you’re about to be pounded into the dirt. It’s a stark contrast between the two characters, but one that is effectively conveyed through this meme. After all, anyone can see Superman flying, but if you are close enough to see the Bat symbol, you’re in big trouble.


Superman has saved countless people throughout his lifetime, but of the people he’s had to rescue, none needed it more so than Lois Lane. The bride of the Man of Steel has been put in danger so many times that it’s become a cliche. There have been entire stories based on this event (and even better ones that started with her death).

As such, Batman understands that he has to help save Lois or Superman could potentially go insane. This meme highlights that as well as Batman’s capability to get the job done. While the Caped Crusader is many things, humble is definitely not on the list. He’s quiet and reserved, but he knows his contributions to the rest of the world, or in this case, to Superman.


Regardless of how you feel about Batman v Superman, there’s no denying the controversy surrounding that film and the DCEU as a whole so far in its early stages. While many people enjoyed the film and felt that it was extremely sophisticated and beyond what most people were willing to grasp, there are some who called it downright terrible and would never watch it a second time.

It’s clear which group of people came up with this meme. In stark contrast to the mixed reception of Batman v SupermanThe LEGO Batman Movie came out to critical acclaim and was an excellent celebration of everything the Dark Knight had to offer. While we’re unsure how Zack Snyder reacted to this news, Superman might give us an idea.


For years, there have been plans to put Batman and Superman on the big screen together in a huge blockbuster movie. As such, if you thought that they wouldn’t be fighting while on screen, then you need to rethink your life — it was always bound to happen. There were several ideas that fell through until we got Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

However, the conflict between these two heroes gets a little stranger when you start to put the pieces together. After all, they come from a similar upbringing where their parents are dead, then they become heroes as a result. When they finally trade blows, as this meme points out, we’re simply watching two orphans beat each other senseless for our own personal entertainment.


Superman was the Last Son of Krypton. He was sent to earth by his parents and got a second chance at a normal life. However, he’d never know the people he heralded from. That never stopped him from living on their legacy as the legendary Superman. However, he doesn’t always get along with the Dark Knight, and we’re about to figure out why.

This meme, like so many others, takes the fundamental concept of the DC Universe and breaks it down to a very basic aspect. Batman points out the fact that Superman is an illegal alien (not an American citizen) who is stealing the job from other vigilantes who are already operating there. As a matter of fact, Prime Earth has no shortage of heroes willing to defend it, but Superman just smuggled himself into the planet and is taking jobs away from them.


While this technically isn’t a meme, we still had to include it. One of the big criticisms of Batman v Superman was that the plot was all over the place and never really settled down to tell a cohesive, satisfying, or even entertaining story. There were many cuts that jumped from plotline to plotline (at least in the theatrical version) that just confused the audience even more.

We wouldn’t accuse the film of not having a plot, but this meme still gets a chuckle out of us. Often times, people will resort to the phrase “the movie had no plot” if it wasn’t clear enough for them to understand. However, we’d easily put that number on speed dial when discussing how Suicide Squad turned out. Who’s with us?


When Batman and Superman go head to head, the conflict is usually resolved with the former taking out some kryptonite gauntlets to win. Many of the memes surrounding these two actually point it out. Despite Superman’s superior powers and strength, the Dark Knight will win on Kryptonite alone.

Now we look at the different side of the spectrum. This meme points out that if Superman were to see that Batman had kryptonite on hand, he could just use his laser vision to get the job done and the fight is pretty much over. This picture also proves that if the Man of Steel gets too close to the rock, he can still use it to either vaporize the Dark Knight or get rid of that kryptonite ring he loves so much.


The age-old question has permeated through pop culture for years: who would win in a fight? Superman or Son Goku? While people have created argument after argument, it was the folks over at Screwattack who did their Death Battle series and pitted these two giants against each other not once but twice. Both times, however, Superman came out victorious, leaving many Dragon Ball fans feeling jaded.

In this relatable meme, a lot of the folks who felt that Goku should’ve won would likely enjoy this. Here, Batman takes the role of the fans and doesn’t respond nicely when Superman states that he became the winner fair and square. No doubt seeing Batman pummel the Man of Steel over this issue would be tons of fun.


Never before have we witnessed such a negative reaction to a Death Battle than with the rematch between Superman and Goku. Once again, the Man of Steel won and the public went nuts. Those who watched Dragon Ball immediately took to the Internet to express how displeased they were with the results.

It’s that crowd that this meme appeals to. In Batman v Superman, the Dark Knight is calling for the Man of Steel to fight for what’s right. In the meme, he’s fighting for the love of Goku and the entire Dragon Ball fanbase. Decked out in his superior armor set, Batman is prepared to brawl to the very death. If only their mothers didn’t share the same name. Perhaps then, the fans of Goku would’ve gotten their very own dawn of justice.


If you scroll through any type of social media, there’s no doubt you’ve come across the tried and true “you’re facing someone, now pick who is going to defend you” type of meme. Love it or hate it, some people find it enjoyable, using their brains to come up with the best solutions to solve a big problem.

This meme subverts that trend by not leaving the option up to those viewing it. Instead, it gives Batman’s response, and he actually makes a very Batman-like choice, which should come as no surprise at all. As opposed to picking three people, he simply says that he needs only two: Mr. and Mrs. Kryptonite. What about his third, you ask? Well, he’s Batman. He doesn’t really need a third, now does he?

Which of these memes is the funniest? Let us know in the comments!

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