Batman/Superman Writer Joshua Williamson Shares Sneak Peek at New DC Series

Following the conclusion of The Batman Who Laughs miniseries by Scott Snyder and Jock, the maniacal supervillain's machinations will continue to affect the DC Universe in the new Batman/Superman comic book series by writer Joshua Williamson and artist David Marquez.

While much of the upcoming series' details are being kept under wraps pending the conclusion of The Batman Who Laughs, Williamson has now shared a sneak peek at Batman/Superman #1 on Twitter. He revealed a panel by David Marquez and Alejandro Sánchez showing Superman, Batman and Commissioner Gordon standing atop the GCPD building, with the Bat-symbol burning bright in the forefront.

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"A panel from Batman/Superman #1," Williamson wrote. "By @DaveMarquez & @loquesunalex! The first issue comes out in August. So many of the pages in this series give away some of the big crazy plans we have for the DCU that we can't show a lot...yet...soon..."

What role Commissioner Gordon will play in the series is unknown, but this panel offers a twist on his classic meetings with Batman. The comic series will find both titular superheroes tracking down sleeper agents infected by The Batman Who Laughs.

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Batman/Superman #1, by Joshua Williamson, David Marquez and Alejandro Sánchez, is slated to hit store shelves Aug. 14.

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