Batman Submits to Harley Quinn on Heroes in Crisis Cover

DC Comics released the cover art to Tom King and Clay Mann's upcoming Heroes in Crisis #2 Saturday at Comic-Con International: San Diego.

The image, drawn by Mann, shows Batman at the mercy of Harley Quinn - who has gotten ahold of Wonder Woman's lasso of truth. The image lends itself to plenty of speculation, but one thing is clear: Harley is none too happy with Batman - even more so than usual.

At a press event held earlier at Comic-Con, King revealed the long-speculated nature of the mysterious "Sanctuary" that serves at the focal point of Heroes in Crisis. Sanctuary is essentially a remote safe haven set up by Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman for other superheroes to seek emotional counselling and release.

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Sanctuary turns out to be anything but safe, though, as King later revealed at the DC Nation panel that a massacre occurs at the location. With something so big going so wrong, it's likely that there will be plenty of characters in the DC Universe who will be pretty unhappy with the Big Three's initiative.

Could Harley Quinn be one of them, and is she taking out her wrath on the one hero who was already her enemy? Or is she simply trying to get some other answers out of Batman?

Heroes in Crisis #1 goes on sale September 26, and issue #2 featuring Mann's cover follows on October 24.

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