Batman stranded in Hong Kong after Batmobile breaks down

Batman may have billions of dollars, and a mind-boggling array of gadgets, but that all means very little if he can't rely upon the Batmobile.

The Dark Knight was spotted Tuesday night in Hong Kong, where even his keen deductive skills apparently couldn't help him overcome his car trouble.

According to the South China Morning Post, a series of photographs snapped by passersby captured the frustrated vigilante talking angrily on his phone -- undoubtedly in alternating calls to Alfred and AAA -- while staring at the broken-down Batmobile.

The last time the Caped Crusader paid a visit to Hong Kong, it was capture a corrupt accountant in a daring nighttime raid. That time, however, he left the Batmobile at home.

This time, presumably, Lau -- to say nothing of the Joker -- got away.

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