Batman: How Do You Pronounce Silver St. Cloud's Last Name?

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Reader Bob G. tweeted me a question (which is fine, people can feel free to tweet me questions, but just note that there is a relatively decent chance that I will lose track of your tweet as more tweets come into my timeline. I'll remember the question, but I will often forget the name of the person who tweeted to me. So if you're only concerned about getting an answer to the question, tweet away, but if you're worried about not getting credit for the question, then you're better off e-mailing me. That I have an easy-to-access record of) about Silver St. Cloud.

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Silver St. Cloud debuted in Detective Comics #470, by Steve Englehart, Walter Simonson and AL Milgrom...

She was a rich socialite who hit it off with Bruce Wayne, but she was a lot more observant than most, as she figured out that there was something up with Bruce Wayne's wet hair that night...

Marshall Rogers then took over drawing her after that issue.

Also, even though she spent just that night with Bruce, when Hugo Strange then kidnapped Bruce and adopted his identity, Silver was the only person who kept fighting through to prove that "Bruce Wayne" wasn't the real Bruce Wayne, even when it almost got her killed by Hugo Strange's monster men!

Bruce visited her while she was recuperating (she had called Dick Grayson for help. He rushed to help Batman as Robin but then had to pretend to not be worried as Dick) and their relationship was clearly progressing...

However, Silver was clearly curious about Bruce and she was suspicious about his playboy persona...

Her suspicions were confirmed when she locked eyes with Batman later in Detective Comics #474 (Terry Austin inking Rogers, by the way) and realizes that he is Bruce!

In the final issue of the epic Englehart/Rogers/Austin run, Silver says goodbye to Bruce/Batman...

Okay, so here's Bob's question, "With the Batman Character Silver St. Cloud, how is her last name properly pronounced? I know in some areas St. Is pronounced as 'Sin' as St. John is often pronounced 'Sin-Jinn' and I was wondering if it was pronounced 'Saint Cloud' or 'Sin Cloud'?"

I automatically assumed "Saint Cloud," but then I dug into DC's media adaptations that Silver has appeared on.

On DC Superhero Girls, it is Saint Cloud...

However, when Silver debuted on Gotham, it was "SinCloud"!

This was trickier than I expected!

So I went to the ultimate source, Steve Englehart himself, and Steve told me that it was pronounced "Saint Cloud."

Thanks, Steve! Thanks for the question, Bob!

If anyone else has a question about comics, feel free to drop me a line at brianc@cbr.com!

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