Batman & The Signal: Duke Thomas Gets New Costume, Miniseries


Duke Thomas has an official superhero name (courtesy of the Joker, no less), and as The Signal, he's ready to join in the fight to protect Gotham City. But before he goes totally solo, Batman's protege has one more adventure to undertake alongside the Dark Knight.

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Batman and The Signal arrives in comic stores on November 8, and while the original announcement for the series at Comic-Con International in San Diego indicated it would be an ongoing title, an interview with series co-writer Tony Patrick by THR reveals that the character's first adventure is a three-part miniseries.

Joining Patrick on the series is artist Cully Hamner, and co-writer Scott Snyder, who happened to meet his writing partner while teaching the up-and-coming comic book author at DC's New Talent Development Workshop. Patrick, a student in the workshop, asked Snyder if he had plans for Duke Thomas, and over the course of their conversation, the pair clicked and they developed a plan to introduce Duke to the greater DC Universe.

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Snyder cites Patrick's real life involvement working with kids at a center in Brooklyn as one of the reasons he's perfect to help define Duke's role in the DCU. "I work with students, and what I've realized is, I'm a real advocate for high school kids," Thomas said of the similarities he shares with Duke Thomas. "I realized that I go after what I need when it comes to getting resources from the kids, but as an artist, I never did that to myself until recently. I think it was that class that I said to myself, if you don't raise your hand and say that you're interested in this, you're missing out on a huge opportunity."

Check out Hamner's cover art and the first issue's solicitation text below.


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